As adults, many say, "I want to go back to my youth," "I had fun when I was a student." The author of this book, on the other hand, asserts that he is 72 years old and is "the best." What kind of person she was and what kind of life she had. With such expectations in mind, I unraveled this book.

The author of this book is Mr. May Musk. He is the real mother of Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk, and is active as a top model for gray hair. From the point of view of herself, she carefully describes how she was born and raised, raised her children, and faced work.

Her life is in full swing. Born in Canada, moved to South Africa, struggling with the local language while studying hard, and overloaded with stress. He believed in the word "cherish" and married a rotten lover, but as soon as he married, he began to suffer violence and finally divorced. After that, while working as a model and diet consultant, he raised three children.

A model veteran with over 50 years of experience, the author became a top model after the age of 60. It can be said that "today is the best of my life" because I have overcome the adversity and won the success. Can I say the same thing when I am the same age as the author? What can we do now to lead a brighter life as we age? It was a book that asked such a question.

Main points of this book

Point 1

May Mask is a white-haired supermodel. He made his debut as a model at the age of 15, and at that time, it was said that the model was a career that could only continue until the age of 18. However, the model work is getting more and more fun, and I can assure you that it's the best right now.

Point 2

When he was working and living well, he moved across the sea at the hope of his son. Sometimes it's important to be bold. If it doesn't work, try again.

Point 3

There is no "certain "yes", but if you don't ask, "certainly "no". If you really want something to get, approach it persistently.

Way of life

Life gets better and better

The author made his first appearance in the New York collection at the age of 67 and walked the runway with women of a third age. In an ad audition for Virgin America, she was finely selected from among 300 younger women than herself. Times Square, subways, airports all over the United States… Advertisements have been posted here and there so much that you can't get off a train or plane without seeing the author's face. The white-haired supermodel, May Mask.

The author first walked the runway at the age of 15. At that time, it was said that modeling was a profession that could only be continued until the age of 18. The author himself didn't think the model would last so long, and never thought it would reach its peak at age 71.

What I can say for sure now is that it is becoming more and more fun. As the days go by, the feeling of excitement increases, and I have a feeling that something interesting will happen. Even if nothing happens, you can post it on SNS or websites and do something yourself.


No need for comfort

The author, his parents, and his siblings once moved from Canada to South Africa. Every summer, it was customary for the family to explore the Kalahari Desert. Sometimes my father piloted a private plane, my mother drove a car, and the whole family rode a truck with a compass to cross the desert for three weeks. My mother loaded three weeks of food, water, gasoline, and five children into the car.

What I learned from my adventure journey is that I don't need comfort. Spending can be kept down. There is no need to envy people who live in luxury. Just do your best and struggle to survive.

I have no reason not to

Although the author majored in nutrition at university, the beauty contest that he participated in when he was in the third grade changed his life. A classmate told me to recommend it to a beauty contest. The author didn't even know the existence of the contest in the first place. I'm not interested and don't fit me. Although I declined so, I was recommended. I wasn't sure if I should participate, but I decided to try it for the time being. There is no reason not to try it.

Only after arriving at the contest venue did I find out how other contestants were seriously participating. They have their hair tidyed up and make-up is done by a professional. On the other hand, the author prepared the swimsuit himself, and both the hair set and makeup were done by his own hands.

It was a contest that I participated in like that, but I won! I attended a model school in Johannesburg and acquired the skills and professionalism as a model.

The author tries to answer "yes" without as much thought when asked for something. No matter how much you think you don't have a reason to do it, some people will find a reason not to do it. Still, I want you to draw a conclusion from the perspective of how you can be happy. And open the door to life for yourself. I don't know anything until I try it.


The author went to a local university in South Africa. The dietary degree that the authors wanted to learn was available only at universities where classes were taught in Afrikaans (one of South Africa's official languages). Learning Afrikaans was extremely difficult for authors raised in Canada. I ate too much to relieve my stress, and when I graduated from college, I gained a lot of weight.

Such an author had a lover who returned from his teens when he returned. When he found a nutrition job at the age of 21 and moved to Cape Town, he came with his engagement ring.

He declined the proposal, but he meets the author's parents and reports a marriage. The author knew about it only after receiving a telegram from his parents, "Congratulations!" The telegram continued like this. "The wedding will be a month away, so quit your job and come back."

The timing was bad. It was when I was lonely, unconfident in myself and thinking that no one would date me anymore. So I decided to quit my job and go home.


As soon as I got married, my husband started treating me like a slave. I wanted to get a divorce, but I couldn't because I got pregnant soon after I got married. It was a day when I could not get in touch with my parents, I was beaten in front of my child, I was insulted in front of others, etc.

Suddenly there was a chance and I moved to escape, but my husband with a knife came over and chased me around the city. As a result of that incident, a husband was ordered to prohibit access, and he was able to divorce with a lawyer. As soon as the divorce was established, he started working as a dietary consultant and started taking on modeling jobs.

If you only think about the future, you cannot take the first step. The most important thing is not to think about the distant future, but to get out of the current situation first. If you think it won't change, run away as soon as possible.


As a working mother

The author, who became a single mother at the age of 31, worked hard for a minimum of food, clothing and shelter, giving children first priority. I had a diet consulting client come home and hire a babysitter if there was a model job. During the fashion show, children were sometimes reading books in the front row.

What I was trying to do was to raise my own children, just as I was raised by my parents when I was a child. Be independent, kind, honest, caring, polite, hardworking, good deed. I have never treated him like a baby or scolded him. I have never ordered what to study. The children made their own decisions about studying. Still, every child grew up well.

There is no need to spoil the children. Once you are sure that you are in a safe situation, you can leave it up to the children themselves.


Life is astonishing and full of surprises. Sometimes it's important to bet and make a big difference.

At the age of 41, the work of a dietitian in Johannesburg was well done and food, clothing and shelter were satisfactory. At that time, 17-year-old son, Elon, wanted to go to Canada. This is to pursue an interest in computers.

When I arrived in Canada, I searched around for a model office and a university that would accept me with Elon. As a result, we were able to conclude a contract with a model office and receive it as a researcher at the University of Toronto.

After completing the procedure and returning to Johannesburg, Tosca, a 15-year-old daughter, was unaware that she had sold off her house, furniture and cars, and had only signed. I left South Africa a few weeks later.

There are new possibilities in Canada, and migration was a good turning point for families. The restart will be over in Canada. I was so happy that my separated husband could never be scared again.

If you think you should move forward, take the leap and take three years to settle down. If you don't feel happy and happy, you can go back to your environment.

[Must read point!] Success

Let's say you want what you want

I had to move a couple of times, but each time I had to cultivate a new dietary consulting customer. It was easy when I was in South Africa. The doctors immediately referred the patient.

But that wasn't the case in Canada. If I wanted to refer the patient, I had to ask them to do so. First, I wrote to the doctors in Toronto and asked if I could help them. However, the letter was received by the office secretary and was mostly ignored.

So I decided to call the clinic. I was often refused by the secretariat and could not even talk directly to the doctor. Still, he kept calling and fixed appointments with 20 people. There is no such thing as a "certain "yes", but if you don't ask, it is definitely "no." In fact, four doctors referred me to some patients.

Patience doesn't always work. But patience can pay off. If you really want something, before you give up, keep patiently saying "I want it".

Expand your limits

I am often asked in life to be less discouraged. Talking in public, chatting with clients, showing the value of your business to a group of investors.

The author himself has often taken the opportunity to take the plunge and jump in. I took the picture of a pregnant woman in nude. "Dance like Martha Graham," he said. I even danced in heels on the roof.

For the shooting of the online magazine "Hype Beast", he wore hip-hop street fashion. I thought street fashion belonged to youth, and it was a very interesting experience. It provided a place for activities in a new fashion genre.

The important thing is to try anything, even if it is out of your style. Don't limit yourself by age.

Recommendation of reading

When I finished reading this book, I realized how refreshing I felt. I feel that the author, who has always been positive and has opened up his life, has received great courage.

This book is divided into five parts, each of which has the theme of "beauty," "adventure," "family," "success," and "health." In the abstract, I have followed the outline of the author's half-life and introduced the lessons learned from it. In addition, this book is packed with life-based advice on how to use the author's SNS, how to overcome the temptation of sweets, and how to build healthy relationships.

This book is especially recommended for those who want to learn from the lives of successful people, those who want to think about their future life, and those who seek tips for career advancement.