【英語要約】『鬼滅の刃』流 強い自分のつくり方


Do you know the work called "Devil's Blade"? It is a work that has become a social phenomenon now that its popularity has soared since it was animated in 2019. As of May 2020, total series sales exceeded 60 million. This is the third number in successive manga.

This book is a compilation of the author's thoughts about "how to make a strong self", with "Devil's Blade" as an underlay. If you feel like "I want to change myself" or "I want to change, but it doesn't go well", it should give you important tips in your life. The features are summarized below.

First of all, as mentioned above, it refers to the popular manga called "Devil's Blade". "Devil's Blade" is the work that has received the most attention in recent years, and many people have seen manga and anime. This book introduces the lines and actions of the characters in "Devil's Blade" and explains what lessons should be learned from their way of life. Especially the original fans will enjoy reading.

I would also like to emphasize that it is written based on the expertise of the author as a career counselor. However, technical terms do not appear so much, and because it is written in plain language and easy to understand, it is not difficult to read through. Just like reading a manga fanbook, feel free to read it.

I want to change, but not change-If you have such concerns and are interested in "Devil's Blade", you do not need to hesitate anything. This book will help you change you.

Main points of this book

Point 1

People can be positive when they have a strong desire to achieve their goals. That feeling raises the possibility of achieving the goal.

Point 2

It is difficult to listen to what others say and to accept the strength of the other person obediently. That is why people can become stronger when they can do it.

Point 3

The heart of compassion moves people's hearts and naturally attracts their companions. And that leads to changing the future and yourself.

Attention necessary to build strong oneself

Kihon is to stack up everything

In order to build a strong self, it is important to have a goal and to challenge without giving up even if you are bounced off the wall. If you don't like the way you are, try another way. The journey can be lengthy and difficult, especially when trying to reach big goals. However, by enduring difficult times and discipline, humans can certainly grow.

In the sixth episode of "Devil's Blade", the main character, Kamatan Tanjiro, succeeded in repelling the demon's neck, which he made in the final selection trial, and realized his own growth. There is. By practicing, he improved his skills and, as a result, strengthened his mental strength.

The accumulated successes enhance the ability to "do what I can." The basic thing is to accumulate everything.

The next challenge can be seen by stacking

There are various life stages in life, and the difficulty level increases as you progress to the next stage. There are many things that have to be cleared in order to survive, and sometimes things do not work.

The depth of your worries and suffering depends on how you handle it in yourself. If one problem is solved, the next new problem will always emerge. There is no single easy solution. You have to think positively and think about another method immediately.

It is important to think positively when you hit a wall. It's often better to think of it as "three steps ahead and two steps down".

Eventually learn your own way

If you thoroughly practice one thing, you will eventually find your own type.

Among the six types of "breathing of thunder" given by the teacher, "Aigatsu no Zentsu", who is the same as that of Jinjiro, could only use "Ichi type" after all. However, he refined that model thoroughly, and finally created the original 7th model, and succeeded in defeating the enemy of his fate.

As you can see in the tea ceremony, “Kirudori”, in the olden days, if you seriously face one thing, you will improve, and beyond that, you will have your own personality. After learning the basics, first try. Then, from the experience that does not go well, consider the cause and improvement measures. Through trial and error, you will develop your own way. "There is no shortcut to becoming a strong self."

To be strong, you need an unbreakable heart

Doing something for someone makes me stronger

"The Devil's Blade" is a story in which the main character, Minjiro, fights against the demon in order to return his sister Nezuko, who has become a demon, to a human being. A person can exert greater power than usual when he/she acts with a desire for someone. Moreover, I am more satisfied when I achieve something for someone. In psychological terms, this is called "prosocial behavior."

There is an experiment comparing entertainment for yourself and charity for others. According to it, the latter had a longer lasting satisfaction. Japanese people, especially those living in the cities, are often indifferent to others. Conversely, someone who can act for others has a stronger heart than many.

Someone's expectations make me stronger

Some people may have been told at work, etc., "I will leave this work to you." Even if you don't have that kind of experience, I wonder if there was an experience that you could expect from your parents and the adults around you when you were young, and the feeling that you had to do something about it.

Feeling to meet expectations, feeling a sense of mission and responsibility is like a human instinct. Most people grow by being praised. In fact, research has shown that treating people with positive expectations improves their abilities. If someone expects you, even if you did not accept it with a positive attitude, you will soon realize a sense of responsibility and responsibility that you have to do it yourself, and you will be able to fulfill your assigned role firmly. Expectations from others strengthen oneself.

Relationship with someone strengthens me

When I am in a predicament, such as when I am likely to be frustrated or when I am in trouble, sometimes the words I receive from someone help me. The "someone" can be a boss or a colleague, or even the words or lyrics of a fictional character.

The words that I unconsciously engrave are often remembered when I am driven in or when I am lost, and often serve as a trigger for overcoming the predicament. These words can only be obtained in the end when you are involved with someone. That is why it is important to have many people involved. If you stay locked in your shell, it is difficult to find a chance to reverse in difficult situations.

Habits to strengthen yourself

Be obedient to everything

Can you obey the words of others obediently? Are they honestly recognizing the power of others and not obliviously giving up, but rather being straight ahead?

Prejudice and prejudice hinder the growth of people. To put it the other way around, if you accept the advice of others obediently, it is often the case that you are surprised at how good it is and that you can enjoy it. There are so many things you can't understand unless you try it. Rather than worrying about whether to do it, think about whether to continue after trying. You may notice your aptitude for the first time by trying. Everything happens first and then begins.

Train yourself to the limit

In modern society, "overkill" is a problem anyway. For example, if you say, "Give yourself the strength to die, like Jinjiro," you'll get big bashing.

But if you like it and it's unavoidable, training yourself thoroughly is a good experience. If you want to achieve something, it is essential to train yourself to the limit.

The job of a professional gamer is a typical example. They love the game anyway and spend all their time exclusively on the game. Some of them may have been able to become professional gamers as a result of cutting sleep and eating and earning their knowledge and techniques. If you like it and can't help it, try to immerse yourself in it. That is also one of the ways to become stronger.

What a team cannot do alone

There is a limit to what you can do by yourself. In "Devil's Blade," there are many scenes in which you fight each other while helping each other to build up their abilities.

In reality, it is often the case that by working with colleagues, we were able to solve problems that we could not solve on our own. When a team is formed, a sense of rivalry may be born there. If you have a personality that you don't want to lose, having a group of friends may create even greater aspirations. It is better to cherish the feeling that "I am disappointed with this person".

The secret to attracting friends

Being able to support someone

We pray for the success of others and support their efforts. Not many people can do this. However, people who can do that will eventually attract their friends. It is because a minority feels uncomfortable with the support.

Being able to cheer for others is the desire to interact with them and be deeply involved. In other words, as a premise, you must have the power to empathize with others. A good example is a professional athlete. In the sports world, it's generally better to play at home than away.

Supporting someone means having a deep relationship with someone. And being deeply involved with someone means strengthening yourself. Sometimes you will be in a position to be supported. That should also lead to results.

Be able to convey honest feelings

In Japan, "reading the air" is often required. Getting the will of the other person is very important in itself. However, recently, many people are too conscious of such parts and cannot express their thoughts obediently.

Not being able to convey honest feelings can lead to stress buildup. Sometimes telling your feelings honestly can be a catalyst for a better situation. Being able to recognize each other is also an essential element for strengthening oneself.

Be humble

The important thing is to be humble, not humble. Being humble means being able to analyze yourself calmly. Humility is based on the evaluation of such honest attitude by others.

On the other hand, people who are humble think that they are intimidating. Humility is established when others notice that they say themselves lower than their self-esteem. At first glance they are similar, but there are significant differences between the two.

It is also important to have self-confidence. However, many people who are said to be the best in the professional world are humble. Minjiro Shiro of "Devil's Blade" is also a person who is truly humble. There are many things we can learn from him in building a strong self.

[Must-read point!] Demon is the weakness of a person

The spirit that all you need is

Enemy demons appearing in "Devil's Blade" have the idea that they can die if they are good enough. The stance is that you don't care about other people, or anything you do.

But in sports, for example, it's clear that no one will be able to assist you if you ignore your cooperation with your peers because you want to be active. You won't even be able to compete in the game in the first place.

If you don't get what you want, you'll quickly start to think selfishly. If you do that, you're the only one who's happy with what you want, and it's just annoying to others.

The relationship between fear, disgust, and hatred

Even in modern society, the structure that tries to control people with fear stands out. A typical example is a case in which black-and-white companies have a clear vertical relationship and a master-slave relationship, and those who stand above them are exerting strong power. Of course, it often develops into a big problem in the end. Bonds that are connected by fear are fragile and always break somewhere.

Even in "Devil's Blade", the demon named "Sui" used fear to build a pseudo family relationship. On the other hand, the main character, Jiro Jiro, said, "Those who are bound by a strong bond smell of trust, but you only smell of fear, hatred, and disgust. I don't call this a bond. It is a fake!!" There is no bond of trust in a fear-controlled relationship.

Envy and resentment make people demons

Anyone can feel jealousy and envy. As such, it is the natural feeling of a person who has something that he does not have.

But don't turn it into jealousy or resentment. All those emotions need to be translated into goals. Find improvements and think about what you're missing. And I will make efforts to make up for what I lack. That attitude is essential in order to grow and be strong.

Sometimes jealousy can be rebellious and can be energy for growth. But if you do harm or speak negatively to the other, it's proof that you're becoming a demon. If you want something you don't have, you have to work hard to find it or find a replacement.

Recommendation of reading

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who knows the pain or pain of being hurt by others. Although "The Blade of Destruction" has been completed, the spirit of the charcoal people in the story still lives in the reader's heart. A book that reminds me of that.