"A self-protecting "politician" who just wants to win the election cannot do a daunting job."

From the beginning to the end, this book blames Yuriko Koike, who has served as Governor of Tokyo since 2016. This is because the Governor of Tokyo has the same power as the president, but he has not been able to accomplish a big job.

The budget of Tokyo exceeds 7 trillion yen per year, which exceeds the national budget of small countries. However, even with all this wealth, the author is arguing that too conservative policies have stagnated. I am writing this book as a proposal to raise the sense of crisis in such a situation and reborn Tokyo.

There is also a “extreme theory” that makes you feel uneasy if you say so. To be criticized is, of course, prepared.

Mr. Horie, who has lived according to his beliefs even though he sends out information on SNS every day and sometimes burns and abuses, there is something he dares to say. Let's speak on behalf of politicians who have become obsessed with populism and can no longer speak their opinions. Such strong will drifts from the whole.

From the viewpoint of Horie, panic caused by the new coronavirus is a chance to change all the strange customs in the world at once. Then, we will imitate Mr. Horie and use this as an opportunity to change our consciousness.

The novel and exciting ideas proposed in this book should give us the opportunity to think for ourselves. I want you to face each other while turning over the pages.

Main points of this book

Point 1

Tokyo has tremendous potential, but at present it has not been effectively utilized.

Point 2

The 3S organization of “speed”, “smart”, and “small” is stronger, including civil servants.

Point 3

The world changes only by "external pressure". Now is the time for the corona crisis and it's your chance to change your old system.

Point 4

There can be no zero risk for infectious diseases. Economic activity should resume, accepting some risks.

Point 5

The purpose of the Tokyo remodeling plan is for each and every citizen to realize a "future way of life." Now is the time to think and act in your own words.


Zero traffic jams and crowded trains

Tokyo has tremendous potential and assets. Here are some excerpts from 37 low-risk, high-return recommendations to make the most of it. It should be mentioned earlier that this includes not only the "correct theory" but also the "extreme theory" and "violent theory" inevitable in flames.

First, let's consider the economy of Tokyo from the manager's perspective.

Time is worth it for every citizen. The loss of time due to traffic is a waste of money. Then, how can we eliminate the traffic congestion on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway? The answer is super simple. Introduce dynamic pricing (price fluctuation setting). This is a mechanism that automatically raises the fee when it is crowded. Specifically, add about 400 to 500 yen. Some people will try to save the increase, so it will be possible to control the congestion on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. For that purpose, first, ETC vehicle detectors will be greatly added to various places in the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, and ETC installation on vehicles will become mandatory. Vehicles without ETC cannot enter the Metropolitan Expressway in the first place.

This dynamic pricing can also be applied to crowded trains. It may be limited to 1 to 2 hours when rushing to work or school. Increase the train fare only in the morning and evening when a large number of people are inundated. This will spread the users and ease the crowded trains.

In this world where lifestyles are diversifying and telework is being promoted, there is no need to bother to move in the same time zone.

Let's get rid of meaningless habits and live in a way suited to the times.

Adachi Ward to "Brooklyn of Japan"

Brooklyn is located south of New York Manhattan Island. Rent rent in Manhattan is high enough to pop out, but Brooklyn is a bit cheaper than that. Therefore, in this area, artists and creators who have dreamed of making a lot of money come from all over the world. The town where such "cool people" live is cool.

There are many poor areas in Tokyo, such as Adachi. The root cause of this poverty problem is that the way of urban development is bad. By using the power of art, Adachi-ku can be transformed into a “cool city” like Brooklyn. Specifically, we will create a model that opens up the land and facilities owned by Tokyo to the private sector and allows artists to move in cheaply.

Daikanyama is a good example of the past. Originally, Daikanyama was an ordinary residential area. Mr. Daiyuki Nagato recruited a young man who is far from the top and smoldering in the second and third place and has no money, "Is it going to open a shop in Daikanyama because I will invest?" In this way, shops with good taste are lined up on the first floor of the road surface, and the brand value of the city has increased, so Daikanyama has been reborn.

The image of the city can be changed depending on the way.

Education and social security

Questions about the school itself

Taking advantage of the new coronavirus, online classes should be introduced at public elementary and junior high schools in Tokyo. It is not necessary for children to gather in one place in the first place. Instead of gathering in the classroom, you can take classes from your smartphone or other device while at home. For this reason, about 50% of the annual curriculum will be online. This also reduces the burden on faculty and staff. The best students will learn the archived lesson videos at their own pace.

So what does the on-site teacher do? Support children who can't keep up with the lessons as tutors. It is difficult to motivate a child who cannot or does not want to listen to class to study. On-site teachers will mainly support such students by establishing study habits and maintaining their motivation. This is a very important job. If tutors and other institutions can organize education with a small number of people, the educational facility does not have to be a huge school, and can be reduced to the size of a local children's center or community center.

In the first place, gathering hundreds of students from all schools in one place is a military-style education that commands the soldiers to drive war. This method of classifying students as "getting to the right" contributed to the period of high economic growth, where if you work hard enough, you can get results. But times have changed. In a fast-changing world where one smartphone changes the world, humans who "make a right" will be replaced by robots. In the coming times, the rules will change. We must always think for ourselves and keep changing. Don't lock the possibilities of young people inside the school.

The world changes only by "external pressure". Now is the time to change education.

Supports active life

It is important not to increase the number of elderly people who are newly certified as requiring long-term care so that social security will not collapse. For that purpose, there is no choice but to create a mechanism that changes the behavior of the elderly and extends "healthy life expectancy". Encourage them to go out and move their bodies. Elderly people will rapidly narrow their world and become more at risk of illness and dementia when they start to stay home due to being lazy or unwell.

For example, how about creating a matching app in Tokyo as a place to meet grandpas and grandmas? We recommend "Jiji Katsu" and "Baba Katsu", which are not "Daddy Katsu", and try to activate the brain. No matter how many times you fall in love, your heart and body will start moving.

Staying active throughout the life is the best way to care for the elderly. Tokyo must become a city where people can enjoy the "100 years of life".

New Coronavirus measures

Correct information and leader

Regarding the coronavirus, WHO (World Health Organization) has warned the Infodemic. Infodemics means the transmission of information. It is that many people truly get panicked by the fact that the information that is unclear and false is disseminated on the Web. There is no doubt that the internet, smartphones and SNS have brought about the adverse effects of infodemics. We must go back to the basics of "being afraid of a virus", rather than being frightened by invisible threats.

Yuriko Koike, as the Governor of Tokyo, fueled a sense of crisis more than necessary, causing a clear excess of self-restraint. What leaders should think about is how to run the economy while coexisting with coronaviruses and infectious diseases.

Now that the infodemic is happening, there will be a need for leaders who can implement the right policies based on scientific knowledge.

Resume economic activity

Excessive self-restraint must be stopped now and the economy restarted.

If you enter an endless war of “keep fighting until the virus reaches zero”, economic activity will stop and the industry will be wiped out. If self-restraint in every situation lasts longer, there will be more suicides than those who die of infectious diseases such as corona.

As a measure against the new coronavirus, the country recommends "Avoid" 3 "closed", "crowded" and "closed". All three apply to live houses and gyms. However, entertainment like the Takarazuka Revue has almost no danger because it's just sitting and watching. You can reduce the risk of spread of infectious diseases simply by taking simple measures such as measuring the temperature of people by thermography and refusing to enter those who have a fever, and promoting alcohol disinfection of both hands. There is basically no need to refrain from the event unless it involves elderly people whose symptoms tend to become severe.

The argument "Which is more important, human life or economy?" is meaningless. If the economy stops completely, there will be unemployment and more suicides. At some point, it is necessary to divide and restart economic activity. Tokyo should make guidelines for that. Politicians have lost their calm judgment.

Ideal way for Tokyo staff

All privatization of Tokyo

The need for civil servants should decline as the Tokyo metropolitan government goes paperless and telework.

Shimojo Village, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture, is attracting attention as a municipality where almost all jobs except fire fighting and police are handled by civilians. Civilians are engaged in public works such as road repair work. The budget is only 20%. If we have a drinking party after the construction, the local community will be strengthened.

Even in Tokyo, the work that can be thrown to the private sector should be privatized. Everyone should be aware that civil servants are not rational. Civil servants are not given incentives for working hard. Under such a salary system, there is no motivation to improve work efficiency. In the coming era, large organizations may have more disadvantages. There is a strong “3S” (speed, smart, small) team that can easily adapt to changes.

Basically, what you can do in the private sector should be done in the private sector.

[Must read point!] Future way of life

Modern people already free

Ponkotsu employees who pretend to come to work and work are called "fairy." A person who can't even go by the window and drifts as a fairy. Ironically, the introduction of telework against the backdrop of the new coronavirus these days has brought out the "fairy" that the company doesn't actually need. If you come to work and sit at your desk and play around with your computer, it looks like you're doing something. However, there is no point in pretending that you are doing your best because you can only evaluate the output in telework.

It's not just about middle-aged office workers. It is related to many people.

AI does the work that anyone can do. Yes, we are already free. This trend will continue to accelerate. But there is no need to be pessimistic. Rather, let's take this as a positive thing. The labor of eating is forgotten, and the age of play is coming. To that end, it is necessary to transform Tokyo into the world's most "killing city".

Let's make a new Tokyo

Tokyo must grasp the flow of the times well. Without destroying the old way and updating, we can not cope with the age of With Corona.

In the four-year metropolitan administration from 2016 by Governor Yuriko Koike, the promise was never realized. The role of a politician is to change institutions and infrastructure to promote a new way of life, and at the same time create the atmosphere of the world. You can't expect it if you are just reading the world and rushing for popularity. If we make the political decision with courage and sometimes for criticism, the world will progress in the right direction. Even people who think that Corona is dangerous and continue to ride on a crowded train can be transformed simply by changing the rules by politicians.

No matter what kind of attack or opposition you may be exposed to, you will continue to make suggestions in your own words and prove it in action.

It is none other than Japan that creates Japan and Tokyo.

Recommendation of reading

There are many recommendations that could not be addressed in this summary. Some of them hit the knee, "I see," and others are so novel that they feel unpredictable. "Cannabis ban" was shocked, and online politics, educational policy plans, cash bans, etc. are all challenging.

Although it is inevitable that the person himself will be burnt, it is the essence of philosophy to ask questions about everything. If you deny anything to argue, people will stop thinking. Mr. Horie's true essence is that he is willing to ignore the "common sense" and the clumsiness and think once again on a zero basis. Such consciousness may be necessary in an era in which capitalism cannot be seen, and rapid changes in technology, climate change, and other changes are occurring. Not only for Tokyo residents, this book will help you to get your thoughts.