"The money in front of you is just a piece of paper." "There is no point in making a choice in life." "The company's number one enemy is the president!"--This book became an exceptional hit. This is the second work by Shuji Tanaka, president of OWNDAYS, who is the author of "Banten Ara Phoenix". At first glance, it may look rough. However, with its unique and sharp viewpoint, it exhilarously cuts the "naturalness" of the world and presents a new cross-section to the reader.

It is also interesting to summarize how you can reduce the probability of failure based on the failure of yourself and others. What is amazing is the track record that underpins that entrepreneurial philosophy. The author repeatedly conveys the importance of "acting", but he is firmly expanding the organization not only by acting, but by establishing it as a mechanism. I am very good at creating this mechanism. And the summarizer felt that the achievement of the mechanism construction underpins the philosophy again and that the philosophy and the achievement work well to build the company called OWNDAYS.

The sense of balance of the author, which should be called a twister in a good sense, is also wonderful. If you feel any sense of discomfort with the prevailing theory of success, please read this book. Although the wording is rough, it will be touching to the author's heart behind the thorny word.

Main points of this book

Point 1

Money is just a “exchange tool”. What really helps me in an emergency is a "trust relationship" with the many people who need me.

Point 2

"Labor" is to use the body and intelligence to work mainly for the purpose of earning income. On the other hand, "work" is to provide one's value in order to fulfill someone's wish. In the coming era, we should concentrate on the true “work” needed by people.

Point 3

What is required in the present era is a roll-in type management that involves working people to get ideas. In order to achieve that, it is important to make everything glass-coated and open and fair.

Money lie

Money is only a "exchange tool"

To become rich, it is important to recognize that "the money in front of you is just a piece of paper." This idea is greatly influenced by the experience of the author during his part-time job. The author, who was aiming to be a musician at the time, was working hard during his busy band activities. The only criterion to choose is "high hourly wage". Because I was pursuing only efficiency. But one year after I started that job, I felt like I was selling up my life and exchanging it for money. And it was also a very disappointing experience. Because I felt that the work at that time was a monotonous mechanical work, and there was little gain for me, and it was a "valueless work".

When dealing with money, it is important to think from the perspective of "is the exchange really worth me?" That way, you'll know that money is just a "exchange tool" and you'll be aware of any adverse exchanges.

The true meaning of the word "success"

Generally speaking, "progress" is a state in which the social status such as "becoming president" and "becoming rich" has been obtained, but the recognition is largely wrong. The "progress" in the author's philosophy is "being needed by people." As a result of people's demands, I have only become a president. Do not misunderstand this essence.

Some of the young employees of OWNDAYS seriously say, "I don't want to get into a difficult career," and "I don't need much salary." Nevertheless, the author always says, "You should get ahead." I am proposing that. This is because the ripple effect when you are unhappy is greater than when you are happy. The president constantly receives applications such as "My parents have died" and "My family has a serious illness, so I will take a long vacation." According to OWNDAYS's welfare policy, condolence money will be paid to the second degree. The relatives within the second degree of relatives refer to "the number of employees x around 8" on average in Japan. In other words, it can be said that the company is responsible for following human misfortune, which is about eight times more than employers.

This can be said from the perspective of the manager. It means that "people who have succeeded" = "people who are needed by people" can be helped by many people.

Things that will help you in an emergency

I wonder if there are many people who have been told by their parents that they are saving money. But it's not money that really helps you in an emergency. It is a relationship of trust between your own value cultivated up to that time and those who need it. Therefore, when you are young, you should acquire many things that are more important than money and become necessary human resources.

Once again, try to calculate the probability that you will be unhappy. When it comes to unhappiness for yourself, even if you hurry up and plead for "help," no one will help you unless people usually need it.

Business lie

The borderline between "labor" and "work"

"Labor" means working with the body. It refers to working with the body and intelligence, especially for the purpose of earning income. On the other hand, "work" is to provide one's value to fulfill someone's wish.

“Labor” is constantly being created with the changes of the times, but at the same time, it is destined to disappear due to the evolution of technology. Therefore, the author dislikes "labor" and expects that no one will work in the future. On the other hand, people who work as missions and people who find meaning and work are needed by many people, and their value is further increased.

I would like to introduce an example as a difference between people who are working and people who are working. It was when the author went to a certain electronics retail store to look at the products. Since the washing machine in my house broke down, I searched the internet for the moment, but I had no idea which one to buy. I had no choice but to go to a consumer electronics mass retailer and asked a clerk to explain the product. However, when I asked the explanation, it was an on-parade of technical words and the author was grumpy. When I asked, "I'm not sure, which one is better after all?", the question "What's your budget?" came back. When he replied, "No matter how much you want," he says, "No matter how much you say…". After all, I decided to check the word of mouth again on the net.

The clerk's response at this time is exactly labor. He couldn't understand what the customer wanted and couldn't show it to him. Conversely, a clerk who understands me and recommends me as a professional is reliable.

In this way, it is not a long way from an era in which shops are chosen by people. That is why you should quit what you think is "labor," concentrate on your mission and meaning, and become one that is needed by as many people as possible.

Turn work into a game

There is the word "gamification". Applying game design elements and game principles to things other than games. The author makes the work of OWNDAYS into a game by a system and system.

Five elements are necessary to turn a game into a game. "Growth", "Development", "Battle", "Collection", and "Exchange". It will be explained step by step.

(1) Growth

This can be felt by raising one's job class and increasing salary. What is important at this time is the level-up sound effects often seen in RPG games. However, I can't just make those sounds in the real world, so I've changed the color of the badge on the uniform instead. The important thing is to produce a visible "proof of growth".

(2) Training

This directly refers to the training of subordinates and juniors. At OWNDAYS, the culture is not to leave the education to specialists, but to learn and teach together with everyone. By "bringing up", you can acquire not only yourself but also the proof that your juniors have grown up, and you can share your joy.

(3) Battle

"Battle" is the most exciting of the five elements that make a game. Forget about yourself in battles and games. OWNDAYS has adopted an electoral system as a mechanism for assuming management positions. Those who want to become store managers and area managers must run for candidates, give election speeches, and get the support of others around them. Competing for the position of a manager is sharpening a battle.

You can work more efficiently if you enjoy yourself

The three elements described so far are relatively easy to produce because you can experience them in any work. The remaining two are difficult. Let's look at each of these.

(4) Collection

This is like a "coin" in a game. OWNDAYS uses a virtual currency called "OWNDAYS Miles", which is a mixture of "Pokemon GO" and the airline mileage system. Miles are awarded according to the degree of contribution to the company, such as achievement of budget, absence of late work, and absence of work. It also manages miles with its own app, STAPA.

(5) Exchange

The accumulated miles can be exchanged for various things. You can also exchange for 100 kinds of freebies such as Dyson's vacuum cleaner and overseas travel, and "vacations" other than the prescribed paid vacation. Miles can also be freely given to people within the company. It also plays a role in building relationships of trust between employees, such as thanks to shift changes and birthday celebrations.

It also supports battles. It is possible to set a battle schedule and the number of miles to bet, and set a battle at stores nationwide. The winning team can take away the losing team's miles.

The gamification of work into games comes from the reaction in the past that "work is not play. Do it seriously." What's wrong with playing happily? Rather, having fun playing should help you work more efficiently.

[Must-read point!] Business theory lies

It is no use trying to eliminate employee dissatisfaction

Among the reforms that the author has been working on as a manager, the most irrelevant one was "to try to eliminate staff dissatisfaction." Dissatisfaction from the staff, who recurred over and over again, never disappeared even after it was resolved. At this time, he realized that human beings are selfish creatures, so dissatisfaction will not disappear no matter how much they solve.

The important thing is to be in a "dissatisfied but convincing" state. The author came up with the idea of ​​how to convince the staff, and came to the conclusion that everything about the company should be as open as possible. People are convinced of the “fair and transparent” treatment and opportunity.

The company's biggest enemy is the president!

The company's number one enemy is actually the "president". This is because the top of a company can use that power to break the wonderful achievements that the staff have built up in an instant. So we need high morals and strong mental strength, but humans are not that strong. In particular, the authors analyze themselves as being weaker than human beings and weak against temptation.

That's why the OWNDAYS style of "making everything open" is a powerful weapon for attacking the company's foremost enemy, the president himself.

It is absolutely better to decide on personnel by election

OWNDAYS has adopted an election system in its personnel system, but I would like to dig a little deeper into this philosophy and effects. Any amount of technology, knowledge and experience can be given, but "motivation" cannot be given to anyone. Motivation is squeezed out of one's inside.

The biggest effect of incorporating the election system is that "even if your direct boss doesn't like you, it doesn't affect your career." Since the boss does not have the personnel right, even if the horse does not fit, if the surrounding support is obtained, the boss can win the position. As the stress of "being careful about my boss to protect myself" has disappeared, it has also led to a drop in the turnover rate.

The Truth of "Younger guys quit the company right now"

Compared with the data 17 years ago when the author was 25 years old, it seems that the turnover rate of young people today is high. But that doesn't mean that young people today are less gutsy and mentally weaker than older people. In conclusion, the spread of smartphones has only made it very easy to change jobs. With the evolution of technology, the amount of information, accessibility to information, and speed have increased by orders of magnitude. It is an era where you can gather information about a company you care about, contact the person in charge, and get an appointment if you have 30 minutes of lunch break. The old youth were simply frustrated with the effort to gather information and had no patience before changing jobs.

This means that "young employees are soon robbed of other companies." Because it is an era in which human resources are immediately robbed of other companies, what is needed is management that involves working people. For that purpose, it is important to put glass on everything. Be clean, honest, and fair. A company chosen by workers is a strong company that survives the coming era.

When a company starts to go bankrupt

The corporate philosophy can be explained from three purposes, goals and means. Taking OWNDAYS as an example, purpose = "enrich people involved", goal = "100 billion yen in sales, 10 billion yen in profit", means = "selling glasses. Creating a global eyewear brand" Becomes

The problem here is that both the purpose and the means are very similar in that they are "never endless". So many business managers go wrong and cause the company to go bankrupt.

But don't mistake the purpose and the means. Even when OWNDAYS was hit by a management crisis, we were able to overcome the crisis because we were not caught up in the means of "selling glasses" and did not lose sight of the true purpose of "enriching the people involved". It's

Recommendation of reading

The author repeatedly refers to the common sense prevailing in modern Japan, advocating the views gained from his own experience. The fact that people dislike physical thinking and insist on the importance of human spirituality such as experience and passion can be regarded as a way of thinking similar to Aristotle and Bertrand Russell. In an interview with Mr. Atsuhiko Nakata, who is active as a YouTuber, it was pointed out by the author that he was good at creating a "mechanism", but the rebellious spirit of the author greatly contributes to the essence. Isn't it? Please take this book in your hand and feel the rebellious spirit and action of the author.