There are two surprising points in this book.

First, there is no "table of contents", and the author, Yoshitoshi Nakano, is introduced from the beginning.

Mr. Nakano is the former CEO of Warehouse Terada. Despite being known as a business man, he rarely sees the real image because he rarely receives media coverage. It seems that there have been many offers to publish books so far, but Mr. Nakano did not show any interest and refused all. I don't like to show off my achievements or stand out. Why did you decide to undertake this book? The answer is simple. This is because I liked the title of the plan book, "If you throw it away." Furthermore, he read a sentence written by a young editor in charge of "I want to create a book that conveys the ideal way of being a person, not the essential point of business," and said immediately.

In this book, the belief of Mr. Nakano is spelled out in simple and simple words. Even if he looks like a successful person from the surroundings, Mr. Nakano never neglects, does not shake, and sticks to a life that he does not have. The reason for not having it is clear. This is because you don't lose track of what you want to cherish. It's free, the future, the time now. It's convincing enough to be said, but even such a simple thing is hard to notice. That's what Zen Nakano's way of life tells us.

Oh yeah, don't forget another amazing thing. At the end of this book, it says that all author royalties will be donated. If you look at this sentence after touching on Mr. Nakano's thoughts, you should be able to feel deeply convinced.

Main points of this book

Point 1

It is today's who creates my future. Everything is causal. So, let's throw away all the things that hinder ourselves today and walk lightly.

Point 2

Owning things increases anxiety. If you don't have things, you can start a new life anywhere, and it will lead to more life choices.

Point 3

What really remains is the "intangible feeling". If you don't convey your thoughts when scolding or pointing out, they won't be left in your heart. How many unshaped things can you leave? That is human ability.

[Must read!] Living today is important

Today is everything

The word I want to convey above all is "today is everything".

It is difficult to "focus on the present" in an era when there is a lot of information and we are concerned about the future and the people around us. However, it is only at this moment that you can enjoy yourself enthusiastically without being trapped in the past or being shaken by the future. The result will come in various forms later.

Besides, everything is causal, and it is you who make your future today. So let's throw away everything that hinders us and walk lightly.

Also, what you can do today is important to do right now.

The author telephones the staff as soon as he wakes up in the morning. About two hours after the first call, it's time to check the progress. Next, I will contact you around noon. Some may feel impatient, but I don't think so.

Maybe I'll die tomorrow. Don't believe that tomorrow will come, even if you have the hope of having a tomorrow. So what you can do today is do it right now. Don't worry about what to start with, do whatever you want immediately. Then you won't regret it.

Just think without thinking

In a baseball game, a player who seems to have anxiety between going from the waiting circle to the batter's box cannot make a hit. Without thinking about it, I was unhearted and shook my bat. The probability of a hit is about once every three times.

In most of my work and daily life, I have to decide when to bat. Even if I hesitate to say, "It's too early. I'm not ready," "the day of preparation" will never come.

The most important thing to do is not to lie to yourself. Ask yourself, "Have you done as much as you can?" Even if he fails there, the turn at bat will come again.

Courage to stop is important

Just as a car has brakes and accelerators, it is necessary for humans to use "forward" and "stop" in a well-balanced manner. When I was younger, I was told that I should try anything, but I am not good at going on. Always look at the changes in the wind around you, and if you feel that "it is dangerous if you go any further," step on the brakes without hesitation. No matter what time you start, your chances of success are around 1%. If you think that "going forward" and "you can always stop" are a set, it will be easier to try.

Courage to stop is as important as courage to start. "Yamedoki" is, but when I realized that "are too do my best." It was the moment when I felt unnatural as a result of unnatural force. Instead of focusing on the details, we are conscious of creating a large, natural flow.

When I try to quit, my past accumulation of “because I've done this far” is a heavy stumbling block. But let's think about where the future will come after dragging it.

You can even live for happiness and enjoyment in front of you without having to push for higher goals.

You don't have to have anything

Live lightly

The author has chosen a lifestyle that has as few things as possible.

Homes in Taiwan are also rented, with minimal furniture. When I work in Japan, I stay in hotels. I'm not interested in cars or expensive watches, so I need only one LCD clock to finish work meetings in time. Buy casual clothes that you can always throw away. As for food, it is fun to choose new convenience store products. Anyway, I have no obsession with things.

If you do not have it, your life will not be filled with things, and there is no need for complicated procedures when buying or selling land or houses. One less thing to worry about losing something in a disaster. And I like a lighter way of life.

One of the benefits of buying a home is that you can always come back there. On the other hand, it also means that you will be bound here forever. Some people say "I want to stay because I am worried about my house" when I should immediately escape from a typhoon or flood damage. There are also many people who lost their houses overnight due to the earthquake. Owning things also increases anxiety.

If you don't have things, you can start a new life anywhere. The choices of life are expanding. And I don't want to be bound by the precedent, so I don't stick to memories.

You can throw away your relationships

In Japanese corporate culture, there was a custom of "nomination" in which, after finishing work, drinking and drinking to deepen fellowship. However, the author has declined the invitation to drink at a young age. I did my job well in the daytime and I didn't think I had to date until night. I would like to tell young people who think that "it's better to show their faces in order to broaden their network of contacts", to be able to meet someone who is close to them even if they don't attend a drinking party.

Even if you don't do your best to sell your face, if you can work with at most 10 people, most jobs can be done. At night, go home early to rest or spend time with your favorite hobbies and people. That would be a much better job.

Of course, if you go out, you will have new encounters and the number of relationships will increase. If you had 100 people to meet in a year, it would be 200 in two years. Then it's impossible to get along with everyone. After all, 10 friends are enough to keep in touch with each other.

I want to continue to associate with people who can talk brightly about the future. It's a natural departure from a person who is just complaining or complaining. It's not always good because it's a long relationship, and sometimes you get fresh learning from someone you've just met. I want to open the doors of social communication, always open, not rejecting what comes in and not chasing what leaves.

Cherish also become

The job of the president is decided

The section manager and the president have their respective roles. The president decides where to go to the company. Therefore, if you are a person who can always propose the idea of ​​"Let's try this way", you cannot call it the president.

In addition to that, speedy decision making is also important. In order for employees to proceed with their work with a margin, it is necessary to judge as early as one second. If the president is wondering forever, he cannot move in the field. At the work site, the quality of the work deteriorates because the work time is reduced due to the delay in the decision. Furthermore, even while doing so, the environment changes from moment to moment, so the accuracy of work is further reduced. It is probably the president's best job to decide immediately.

In addition, the author, as the president, has thoroughly left the field to the field. Spinach (report/contact/consultation) is not required and I could not write a plan to get the president's approval. If it's a good one, ask a little consultation and give a go-ahead, "Isn't that right? Give it a try." It is only a waste to block the enormous amount of work such as the approval to start work.

However, they face the results severely. If you can't live up to your expectations, your salary will fall, and if it continues, you will get fired. Always make sure that you are properly responsible for your position.

Work is based on relationships where one can expect each other. If you've been working together for years and haven't offered anything, it may not make sense to work with you.

Listen carefully and listen to the voice

The fact that the author has become the president of Warehouse Terada is evaluated as "innovative reform" and is often asked "How can I develop such an idea?" But he doesn't do anything special, and doesn't see himself as a talented innovator. I just stood in this place, spending hours and hours listening to this place telling myself, "I want to be utilized in this way." Any advice or data that someone knows is noisy.

All you need is a blank space to listen to the voices on the spot. If you are busy and have no time to spare, you will not hear the truly important voice.

When the author took over the management of the Tenyozu restaurant "T.Y. HARBOR" in 1997, he transformed it into an open space that took advantage of the original brewery. At first there was a topic, but there was also a time when we were in a difficult situation in the second year of the opening. However, this place is now so popular that no reservations can be made. Of course, this is probably because of the sensitivity and hard work of the current TYSONS&COMPANY president, Shinpei Terada, who runs the restaurant.

Enjoying today

How much you can leave unshaped

The author used to donate 20,000 or 30,000 a month when the monthly salary was 100,000 yen. Therefore, he could not afford to save money for himself. Donation has continued since I was 27 years old. For example, we often donate to support underprivileged children living in Asian regions such as northern Thailand. The most expensive money I spend on myself is the cost of traveling.

Even if I lived a long time, it will be another 20 or 25 years. I want to donate everything except the cash that I have left so that I won't bother others if I fall down today. I rarely prepare the assets to leave for my sons, and organize them little by little to keep them simple. If you don't leave anything shaped, you'll have a better time with your siblings.

What really remains is the "intangible feeling". When scolding a child, don't just scold him, but tell him why. The same is true for subordinates. If you don't convey the "thought" behind it that says tough things, it will not remain in the heart of the other person.

Then, how much unshaped things can be left. Surely that is the ability of a person.

I want to work until I die

I don't mean to be a working person, but the author feels it's boring every day I don't work. I want to continue my work until I die, in order to keep myself as a person and to enjoy every day.

Not working means leaving someone's life. The person you rely on is your family, or else your country. In any case, I don't want to bother you. Therefore, the author believes that anyone who works and has a heart that can move at the age of 80 or 90 should work and pay taxes as little as possible. As long as you continue to work, you will no longer be worried about your pension shortage. Rather, I would like to think of the pension as a bonus as a reward.

That doesn't mean you have to do your best to earn a lot. You can start with a job that you can do. For example, if a healthy elderly person takes the initiative in cleaning the park, the young person who was doing the job could get another job. It's a small social contribution. The elderly who can do this are cool, and the author himself wants to be so.

Recommendation of reading

Mr. Nakano, who is famous as a business man, reads this book and finds that sensitivity is more important than detailed work styles, manners, and techniques.

If you are wondering what you should be doing or what you can do, please read it. If you read this book in a straightforward manner, with all unnecessary theory and reasoning, you may find that you have priority and important things.