【英語要約】孫正義 事業家の精神


"As an entrepreneur, I have nothing to do, but I have aspirations." This is the message of Masayoshi Son's 61st birthday on August 11, 2018.

Masayoshi Son, the founder and representative of the SoftBank Group. It has Yahoo and Alibaba under its umbrella, and in 2019 secured ZOZO for 400 billion yen. In Forbes “Japan's numbering of the best”, since 2011, it has been 1st or 2nd consecutively. Still, what does it mean to "do nothing"?

But this is one of his attractions. Honesty that says, "I don't want to be the best" The muddy odor that moves forward regardless of what it is. When it's useless, it's a kind of pride that reopens without looking good. There are probably many young people who yearn for Mr. Son, a rare entrepreneur who is full of such humanity.

This book should be called the "entrepreneurial bible" written by writer Atsoo Inoue, who wrote "Shidaka Masayoshi Masaden", which has exceeded 500,000 copies, for entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be entrepreneurs. One book. From the birth of Ms. Son to the present day, it is summarized in 7 chapters and 36 paragraphs together with the English translation, focusing on the episodes that sound to entrepreneurs and people who challenge new challenges. In the introduction, we compare entrepreneurs to "horses" and "unicorns" and develop their own theory of success. Also, his episode when he was little is interesting. It can be seen that Mr. Son's outstanding creativity is greatly influenced by how his parents are brought up. It's an interesting content to read if you're raising a child.

How can I open up my way from now on? I would like you to listen to Mr. Son's hot words.

Main points of this book

Point 1

Entrepreneurs need crazy passion. Entrepreneurs are those who generate one virion ($1 billion), less than entrepreneurs. If we can further increase the corporate value to 30 and 100 virions, we will become an entrepreneur.

Point 2

You can't win by imitating others. Even if you fail, if you repeat trial and error, you will always get the original result.

Point 3

Business owners must think 300 times more than employees. It is important to prepare thoroughly and assume practice in all situations.

[Must read point!] Unicorn that produces 100 virions

Horse and unicorn

Entrepreneurs must be crazy. This is the theory held by Masayoshi Son (hereafter, grandson). It is the entrepreneur's job to create something that has never existed before. Therefore, people who are a little out of the ordinary are suitable. An idea that overturns common sense cannot be born unless it is messed up.

However, only a handful can grow to the "unicorn level". Among the entrepreneurs with the same madness, those with breakthrough power. They can raise corporate value to over one billion ($1 billion). They are the unicorns, so-called good entrepreneurs. Don't just jump, keep flying in the sky. The presence of this wing separates the horse from the unicorn.

Those under 1 virion are like entrepreneurs. Though I have feelings, I have no ability. If you challenge but do not fly without flying, you are below the unicorn level. It's an ordinary horse.

Entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs as they increase their corporate value to 30 and 100 virions. Steve Jobs was so crazy that he was once played by Apple. But after a lot of suffering, he returned and made dying Apple the best company in the world. It can be said that the moment an entrepreneur is reborn as an entrepreneur.

AI will change the world with 93% remaining

AI is about to create a whole new stage of competition. Until now, the Internet era has been divided into two major industries. One is the advertising industry. New media on the Internet have eradicated existing media such as paper newspapers, magazines and television. The other is the retail industry. E-commerce sites such as Amazon and Alibaba have changed the retail world. But these two industries account for only 7% of US GDP.

AI will change the whole world, including the remaining 93%. We will use AI to create new medicines and create the world of fintech, and transform all industries. In the coming era, it is important not only to have knowledge of AI technology, but to deeply understand each industry. Real knowledge and management ability to move AI as a tool are essential. In other words, it requires more expertise than ever before.

Even in the age of the Internet, people selling "tools" such as PC language software were first touted. But now, few such companies remain. The last champions came from companies such as Amazon, which offers persistent services using the Internet as a tool. Similarly, if AI is used as a tool, a lot of demand can be expected. A company that transforms industries with latent demand of 10 trillion yen and 100 trillion yen with AI will become the leading role in the future.

Go mad more

Grandchildren say that choosing a market is important for a business to be sustainable. In addition, it is necessary to be persistent to keep acting. There are many people who can come up with ideas. The first idea is important. However, the company that first created the TV is still the best, not so.

On the way to continue the business, there are a lot of muddy problems. There are sunny days, rainy days and stormy days. Even in such a situation, I have to give up and overcome all difficulties without giving up. The driving force to continue on the path of such hardships is crazy passion and intense passion.

If you think with common sense, you shouldn't fly during a storm. So everyone takes safety measures and rests. But there is an opportunity. If about 100 horses are competing and running, if you decide to fly alone, you have to run when everyone is at rest. If you keep running like crazy, wings will grow from the middle. The world is not so sweet that you can do things without going crazy. Even in the storm, I ran through and ran to fly over that cliff. However, he fell to a cliff and ran and flew again. Wings will grow as this is repeated. Wings can't grow without feelings and crazy efforts.


Do not imitate people

One of the grandsons of grandchildren is "don't imitate people". That was when my grandson, 15 years younger brother, Taizo Son (hereinafter referred to as Taizo), was still in elementary school. When Taizo returned home, his father, Sannori Son, said, "Welcome back. What I learned today." When Taizo said he learned to divide fractions, he was surprised. "Don't listen to what your teacher says." My father said, "I'm a teacher at school, I'll lie. Don't believe me."

Later, Taezō Shonen became a parent and finally understood the true meaning of his father. What my father wanted to convey was the importance of thinking in one's head and critical thinking.

One day, Taizo asked his father this question. "What would you do if you were consulted that you want to get rid of a ramen shop and open it?" The consultant likes ramen, but suppose he has no experience making ramen. The general answer may be “enter a discipleship as a disciple”. However, the correct answer for the grandson is: "Simmer pork bones now!"

Even if an amateur cooks pork bones, it may have a surprisingly bad taste. Even so, after repeated trial and error, the original soup will be completed. There is no point in having a disciple in a well-known restaurant and producing a slightly tastier taste than the one I trained in. Then the customer would visit the original store.

Taizo's brother, Masayoshi Son, who inherited these father's ideas, is as follows. "You can never surpass just by copying."

5 minutes a day "focus" and "invent"

A grandson transferred to the University of California, Berkeley. My grandson thought he was studying hard and didn't work part-time. But don't just rely on remittances. So, I thought that I could do something other than studying only 5 minutes a day, and I wondered what kind of work I could earn more than 1 million yen a month in 5 minutes a day.

The work that 20-year-old grandson came up with was "invention". Prepare a notebook named "Idea Bank" and concentrate on it for 5 minutes a day to think about one invention. I gave up on a day when I had no idea in 5 minutes.

My grandson noticed that there were three patterns of invention. The first is "problem solving method". It's a way to find a solution when you have a problem. The second is “horizontal thinking”. It is a "reversal idea" that changes the structure and elements such as the colors and shapes of existing things. And the third is the "combination method," which combines existing things. If you attach a cassette to the radio, it becomes a radio cassette player. Among these, the combination method contributed to the greatest number of inventions.

Grandchild wrote down the "parts" to combine, picked up three of them, and combined them randomly. The number of combinations is roughly 8,912,200. With just this, one invention per day can be made in 5 minutes.

The professor praised his grandson, who transferred this "idea bank" from a notebook to a computer and submitted it as a free assignment at the university. Computers do not deprive humans of thinking, but give wings to their creative power. It was the moment my grandchild proved it.

Strategy and business management

Buffer settings

Taizo was decided by Ninami with the aim of becoming the University of Tokyo. His grandson scolded Taizo, who moved to Tokyo and started living alone. "I don't have enough strategy. Do you know the strategy in the first place?" He said the strategy is the distribution of resources.

I don't know if I will pass at the end. However, it is possible to define "a volume that gives you the ability to receive it regardless of who you think". His grandson ordered Taizo to go to the Yaesu Book Center and buy all the teaching materials. For 100,000 yen borrowed from my father, many boxes of reference books and problem books were purchased. First, calculate how many pages can be made in 30 minutes, and calculate the time required for each book. On that basis, an annual schedule was created in units of 1 hour, with 16 hours a day and 5760 hours until the examination date.

At that time, a buffer was set twice a day for 1 hour, half a day a week, and one day a month. Use this buffer to get back what you didn't finish on time. My grandson's grandson emphasized the importance of the buffer in preparation for the gap between budget and performance. Even if it spills, it dams like a dam. If it's a day, it's a week, if it's not, it's a month. We will set up multiple dams and be sure to complete what we need to do.

When the schedule is as planned, paint it in green. If it was not possible at all, it was managed as red, and if it was halfway, it was managed as yellow.

Yellow management

"What is this yellow color?" My grandson had a stern look and I heard from Taizo. I ignored the many red colors on the schedule and asked, "How much did you do with the yellow pages?" To Taizo, who answered “about half”, his grandson asked the relevant part on the spot. However, about 20 to 30% of Taizo were able to answer correctly. Justice blamed, "I think it's not even half done. This is a false report."

Around this time, SoftBank was just getting started. At that time, SoftBank had 3,000 employees. If an employee's report that they've done half of it is actually only one-third done, that's a big deal. My grandson says that this "yellow management" is business management. In response to these teachings, Taizo passed the University of Tokyo and started a business while still at school.

1 employee, 300 manager

If an employee thinks "1" about his company, the manager must think "300". This is the grandchild's belief. For example, what if you want to convince someone? First, consider at least 100 reasons why the other party refuses this proposal. Then, think about how to tell the other party "yes" and prepare a set of expected questions and answers. A manager must act this much.

When SoftBank was launched, many keymen were fascinated by their grandchild's persuasion and bet on the possibility. This is partly due to his grandson's nature, but is a tribute to his tremendous preparation.

Grandson says. "Not only "what to do", "how much to do". Strategic planning is important, but it is more important to incorporate it into tactics and practice it thoroughly. What made him a rare manager was the thorough preparation and persistent practice itself.

The daily work is so modest that I can't get immediate results. On the way, he may not give up his patience and may give up. That is why the one who can do this is the winner.

To you who live with AI

Go crazy!

In April 2019, at SoftBank Career LIVE 2019, grandchild gave such a strong word to young people.

"I would like to say a word in an era when the world changes dramatically. It is the word "go enthusiasm."

In the case of his grandson, he was driven by the enthusiasm felt under the blue sky in California when he was a student, and he continued to pursue the theme of life, the information revolution. Life has a limit. How important is it to find an exciting theme that will make you want to live your life while you are young? If you decide which mountain to climb, half your life will be decided.

"Without my ardent desires and aspirations and this crazy effort, no wings will grow." The grandchild who gives such an ale continues to challenge to become the best mountain in the world with her passion.

Recommendation of reading

The book also highlights the existence of Masayoshi Son's younger brother, Taizo Son. Mr. Taizo feels simple and familiar to Mr. Son, who stands out from the ordinary. Looking at the conversation between the two when they were young, it makes me feel as if I'm being scolded by Mr. Sun in the position of Mr. Taizo. Mr. Taizo is now active as a serial entrepreneur. It may be fun to read while imagining which type of "entrepreneur" you want to be, brother or brother.

Why don't you enjoy the power and enthusiasm that was conveyed to you by Mr. Masayoshi Son, who has been approaching Masayoshi Son for 32 years.