ニューヨーク大学人気講義 HAPPINESS(ハピネス) GAFA時代の人生戦略


Many people remember the name of the author of this book, along with the best-selling title of "the four GAFA, the world created by the four knights" (Toyo Keizai Inc.). The author is a serial entrepreneur who started nine companies in the United States and teaches as a professor at New York University. He teaches brand strategy, but in the last three hours he routinely teaches about success, love, and life as the "Algebra of Happiness." This book is a compilation of these.

The author has a brilliant career. However, as an entrepreneur, he has tasted the climax and the bottom, and has suffered from mild depression. The above-mentioned lecture and this book summarize the knowledge of obtaining not only "success" but also "happiness" in order to control oneself.

This book is divided into four parts: happiness / success / love / health. He looks at a wide range of themes and talks about how to live a happy life, including the author's experience. Success in a career is not enough to achieve happiness. You need to look at a wide range of topics, including partners, children, hobbies, parents, friends, and health. The work theory unique to those who have worked thoroughly is persuasive, and the feeling of thinking about the family strikes the reader's heart.

This is a book that should be read by people in their 20s and 40s, who are hit by the most rough seas in their lives. Life strategy is necessary because it is a difficult time. I would like you to use this book as a compass to get even more happiness.

Main points of this book

Point 1

Even if you become an adult and suffer from misfortune or bad luck, recognize that it is a part of your life and keep moving forward. Happiness awaits beyond that.

Point 2

The most important thing in life is the choice of a partner to live with. A good partner is someone who makes up for your shortcomings and makes your life shine.

Point 3

The key to success is the hungry spirit. In the case of the author, great anxiety and fear combined with instinct created a hungry spirit.

Point 4

The job you should do as a person is to love someone unconditionally. Unconditionally loving is also the ultimate happiness.

[Must read point!] Happiness lecture

Work while you are young

Happiness changes with age. Teens have dreamy days, but from their mid-20s to mid-40s they have to live in a cruel reality. You can see your limits and face the illness and death of your loved ones. However, when he is in his fifties, he realizes the wonders that exist everywhere in his life, such as the beautiful existence of a child who resembles himself, the ability to provide the effort and intelligence to be evaluated by others, and to support his family.

Therefore, even if you feel unhappy or stressed as an adult, it is important to recognize that it is a part of your life and continue to move forward. Happiness awaits beyond that.

It is not desirable to give top priority to balance from a young age. That's because how fast you can get through your career depends on how hard you work in the five years after graduating from college. In this world, the quick ones win, not the big ones.

The author is currently living a balanced life between work and personal life. However, it is the result of an unbalanced life in his twenties and thirties.

"Who to partner with" is the most important decision

The most important decision in life is not where to work, but who to partner with in life. A good partner is not only a partner who feels sexually attractive, but also a partner who makes up for his shortcomings as a teammate and makes his life shine. Even if the author looks around, he is clearly happy to have a real partner who can share the hardships and successes.

The best partnership is made possible by the unity of mutual demands, both physically and in terms of different values. In particular, it is important that the way of thinking about money is the same among the values.

Buy happiness with money quickly and look elsewhere

There is a proportional relationship between income level and happiness, but when income level reaches a certain level, happiness leveled off. What the author has failed in life is spending most of his life raising income levels and not thinking of any other way to stop and be happy.

Of course, getting financial stability is important. But it's also important to know what gives you joy and satisfaction and spend your time and money on them. Being interested in something other than work, such as cooking, guitar, or mountain biking, gives your personality a taste. There is also happiness that can be gained by forgetting time and immersing yourself in something.

Invest in relationships

The strongest force in the world is compound interest. And many know that compound interest increases when you save steadily. However, many overlook that small investments have similar effects on other things in life. It's a relationship. Take lots of pictures every day, email your friends even the smallest things, keep in touch with your old friends, tell your loved ones, and do what you can in just a few minutes a day. It has little initial reward, but eventually grows into a big one.

Lecture of success

Always be hungry

The author has been thinking about success and its underlying factors. Talent is, of course, important to success. However, talent alone can only bring us closer to the entrance to success. It is the hungry spirit that breaks through the entrance and leads to success.

However, the author himself did not have a hungry spirit by nature. It is said that great anxiety and fear were combined with instinct to create a hungry spirit.

In the final year of college, women were drawn to successful men, and the author, who was an unscrupulous student, was no longer dealt with. So he turned on his instinct and got a job at Morgan Stanley with the aim of giving off the scent of success. Soon, I realized that the secret to success was finding what I was good at. Get paid for being better than others and get noticed by others. Whatever it is, it motivates us to work even harder. However, investment banking was a tedious task for the author.

Eventually my lover became pregnant and a child was born. The author, who witnessed the birth, was more afraid to escape than to be impressed. However, even here, the instinct was switched on, and the feeling of protecting and nourishing the child became stronger and stronger. At that time, my work was hit hard by the financial crisis, and it became difficult for my son to live the level he had envisioned. Here, the hungry spirit is said to have burned violently.

The important thing is to measure with numbers

People have the instinct of "evaluating something." The scale will be a guardrail that will curb the runaway of our actions and values.

And your criteria and the actual numbers tell you who you are. The author's "always measure" is net worth / your credit score / number of followers on social media / number of times you meet your parents in a year / frequency of interaction with young people / success rate of your challenges.

First, let's think about net worth. Wealthy people say they don't think much about money, but that's not possible. Rich people have a detailed grasp of their assets and measure them frequently. If you don't prepare, you won't be able to take quick action at the right time, and you will lose a lot. In addition, in a capitalist society, net worth is a predictor of future levels of health care, family comfort, relationships and quality of education for children.

Also, regarding the number of times he meets his parents in a year, the author meets his father twice a year and calls every Sunday. However, his father is already 88 years old and is nearing death in general. In other words, I recognize that I am not the ideal son I envision.

And about the number of success rate of my challenge. The author has started nine companies so far. The probability of success is 3 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws.

Insight into the ideal life comes from numbers. It is healthy to consider the numbers in your life. In the case of the author, overall, he concludes that he needs to go see his father more.

Become a good employee

People think that the author, who is a serial entrepreneur, has become an entrepreneur because he has an extraordinary talent that does not fit into one company. But in reality, more than 90% of entrepreneurs started their own companies not because they had advanced skills, but because they didn't have the skills to become competent employees.

Given the risks, being an employee of a good or large company is more satisfying than being an entrepreneur. The media touts only "innovators," but the author dares to list three skills to become "good employees."

First of all, "become an adult". It's boring to do things that don't seem to make sense, such as commuting on a crowded train or a wasteful meeting. However, the company pays for your work and provides social insurance. In other words, if you work for yourself, everything you do is for yourself and it makes sense.

Next is "be polite." Entrepreneurial authors are often in a position to partition the space, so honest opinions are favorably interpreted as a manifestation of vision and leadership. However, such a mix of honesty and expression is not suitable for employees. To be a good employee, you must be aware that you are part of a team and support each other.

Finally, "have a solid self." Words and other clues often do not tell you what you are doing. But even then, don't be afraid to evaluate others.

Love lecture

Put the highest priority on love and relationships

There are several divisions of love. When he is young, he receives love unilaterally from his parents and teachers. As adults, love becomes reciprocal and gives each other. Eventually, the love that is completely given is born. They just love the person and wish for their happiness, without unconditionally seeking rewards.

The job we should do as a member of the seed is to love someone unconditionally. Nature gave it great satisfaction as this ensured the survival of Homo sapiens. In other words, loving someone unconditionally is the ultimate happiness.

The author says that the joy of life is to do something for someone you love and choose their happiness, and encourage you to have a family.

Health lecture

Train your body and cry when you want to cry

According to Dr. Henry S. Lodge, people are hunter-gatherers and feel the happiest when they are in motion and when they are surrounded by others. The ratio of time you sweat to others sweating is also an indicator of success. It's not about being macho, it's about trying to be physically and mentally strong.

On the other hand, when you want to cry, you should cry. Crying can relieve the stress of high emotions that are difficult to deal with. During the decade of his mid-30s to mid-40s, when he was crazy about his work and under great stress, the author didn't cry no matter how hard it was. However, recently, he says that he sometimes cries as a reaction when he feels happy. It's healthy and gratifying to cry when you're with or thinking about your loved ones.

Recommendation of reading

In this summary, I introduced the essence of "calculation formula for happiness". In this book, there are three articles that connect marriage to happiness, such as "Don't let your wife get cold, don't starve", and various other tips to improve the happiness of your life.

In addition, by reading this book, you can understand the background of the author's background, the reason for starting a business, etc., and it is also a book that clearly explains why the author came up with such an idea.

This is a book that you should read once as a life strategy in the GAFA era.