ピック・スリー 完璧なアンバランスのすすめ


Even though I work late every day, my "to-do list" doesn't decrease at all. In the end, even the "yearly aspirations" that I made a vow on New Year's Day could not be realized.

Rest assured. It's not just you. The author of this book, Randi Zuckerberg, was one of those who suffered from it. She devised a method called "Pick Three" to change this situation. From the five categories of "work," "sleep," "family," "exercise," and "friends," select only three things to focus on that day and concentrate on them. It is exactly the "recommendation of perfect imbalance". This eliminates the stress and guilt of "what you couldn't do". What's more, you can be absorbed in what you want to do and live a balanced and happy life in the long run.

The author spells out his experience in life-sized words, including the hardships leading up to Pick Three, so the reader will be disappointed with the content. In addition, there are a wide variety of examples of Pick Three masters. Readers can feel as if they are learning the secrets of "Pick Three" with the author. What's more, it's fulfilling that even advice for each behavior pattern is prepared.

The author is also the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. However, many episodes that she was able to show, regardless of the "colored" family background, are really fascinating. I would like you to enjoy her unique "moderation".

Main points of this book

Point 1

"Pick Three" is a method of selecting only three things to focus on for the day from the five categories of "work", "sleep", "family", "exercise", and "friends" and focusing on them.

Point 2

The author presents five categories, for each of the five personas, their characteristics, specific examples of pick-three masters, and advice on how to do it well.

Point 3

Understand the persona that is close to you, and continue picking and three every day accordingly. By living in an "unbalanced" way, you will be able to lead a happy and balanced life in the long run.

[Must read point!] What is Pick Three?

Only three a day. Unbalanced recommendation

I feel guilty about "I couldn't do that" in one day when I'm squeezing myself as "I'll do everything" at the same time. Attempts to balance will eventually fail. This is because the "pointy individuality" and "interesting things" that can be achieved by being unbalanced are far away.

The author calls on people to stop trying to do everything in a day. Focus on the tasks that you consider most important in your life: work, sleep, family, exercise, and friends, and choose "only three" every day. By doing so, you will be able to concentrate on the task of your choice and get a sense of accomplishment and happiness. Furthermore, if you choose three different things every day and continue to "unbalance", your life will be balanced in the long run.

5 categories

The five categories proposed by the author are "work," "sleep," "family," "exercise," and "friends."

"Work" is to give out your time and get some value in return. "Sleep" is to rest your body and sleep. "Family" is the time to prioritize the family, and it is not necessary to be particular about blood relations, and any form of family is targeted. "Exercise" includes not only physical activity, but also caring for oneself and adjusting the physical and mental condition. "Friends" include not only time with close friends, but also activities and hobbies that bring joy outside of work and family.

The important thing is the idea that the unbalanced part should be recovered somewhere. By repeating the pick-three, you will naturally find the best choice for you.

5 personas

You don't always have the freedom to choose what you want to be unbalanced. It is constrained by external factors such as career stage and household situation. In this book, behavior patterns according to situations and environments that differ from person to person are projected into the following five "personas".

A "passionist" is someone who can choose what is unbalanced for them.

An "eliminator" is a person who is more sensitive to what he does not want than what he wants to do, and who aims for "unbalance" by eliminating it.

A "renovator" is someone who achieves a goal by hitting a major obstacle and changing direction.

A "superhero" is a person who suddenly leads an unbalanced life due to factors other than his or her intentions, such as financial circumstances.

"Monetizers" are those who provide products and services that meet the basic human needs and benefit from them in five categories.

Which persona are you closest to for the five categories? I want you to get hints of "unbalanced way of life" that matches you through the cases of the masters of Pick Three. Of the five categories, this summary covers three categories: "work," "sleep," and "friends."

Pick a job!

Work passionista

There is nothing wrong with becoming "career-oriented". However, even if you are concentrating on your work, it is important to have some spare capacity. In order to make it easier to get an image of each persona, I would like to introduce specific examples of Pick Three masters in the "Job" category.

First of all, "work passionistas" are those who prioritize work for themselves. They are easy to seize big opportunities themselves. This type belongs to Melinda Aaron's, who fought with him in the 2016 presidential election as a senior in the Hillary Clinton office. She was pushing forward, believing that even if she threw away the success of her previous work, it was really worth the sacrifice.

However, work passionistas tend to overdo it and burn it out. I want to set up a day that does not choose "work" one day a week. On top of that, what is effective in aiming for a higher level in the career? Aiming to be a leader in your area of ​​expertise, becoming a master of presentations, and leaving it to others well.

Work eliminator

"Job eliminators" are people who dare not choose a job because of retirement or family care. It's not a short break, it's a long time. The author's mother, Karen Zuckerberg, abandoned her career as a psychiatrist and became a family-first housewife. The result is also reflected in the current activities of children. Karen is not without regrets. However, he is happy to choose this life.

It's important for a job eliminator not to over-trust his identity and self-esteem to others. It is also meaningful to have your own projects and hobbies.

Job renovator

A "work renovator" is someone who has been forced to review or change their career plan due to some obstacle. Reshma Sagiani is one of them. After failing in two parliamentary elections, he set up a non-profit organization to teach young women programming. I was able to turn my mistakes and disappointments into a spring and get what I needed on track.

The important thing is to give up your commitment and have the courage to jump out of the safe zone. To successfully pivot in life, it's best to identify what you're good at, update your profile, and develop a clear action plan so you can seize the bangs of your chances.

Work superhero

"Work superheroes" utilize their work skills to support their loved ones. Brad Takei, a partner of Hollywood actor George Takei in Star Trek, is exactly this type. It serves as a link between Hollywood and the outside world for George, his life and work partner. He says he is very pleased to support George.

The important thing for a work superhero is to secure his own hobbies and time. This makes it easier to maintain your personality without sacrificing yourself too much.

Job monetizer

"Job monetizers" are those who provide business for those who want to choose a job at Pick Three. They are passionate about supporting people with career goals through their products and services. Head hunters and career counselors also fall into this category. Housekeeping services run by Leah Baschi support both those who want to work in their spare time and those who want to spend their time doing housework.

However, a job monetizer can turn any conversation or relationship into a job if he or she carries the passionist tendencies of others. I want to connect with people who have nothing to do with my work.

Pick up sleep!

Sleep passionista

Lack of sleep is widespread all over the world. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends seven hours of sleep a day. However, the overwhelming majority of people do not meet that requirement. Regarding how to choose sleep in Pick Three, this summary deals with "sleep passionista" and "sleep eliminator".

"Sleep Passionistas" always prioritize sleep. Emphasis is placed on when to sleep rather than how many hours to sleep. He knows that prioritizing sleep will only improve work and relationships in quality and quantity, and will have no adverse effects.

A good night's sleep can bring out energy and the ability to think flexibly. That's why it's basically better to choose sleep, even if you're not a sleep passionista. Let's update "Success story that you miss while you sleep".

Sleep eliminator

"Sleep eliminators" are people who rarely or cannot choose sleep due to work reasons. I think it's irreplaceable to not choose sleep.

Everyone has a time to neglect sleep. However, if the condition lasts for a long time, your body may ring a warning bell. If you're tired and inefficient, you may want to re-question the value of not choosing sleep.

Pick a friend!

Friend's passionista

When I'm busy with work, I just can't get unbalanced with my "friends". Let's take up "friend's passionista" and "friend's renovator" here.

A "friend's passionista" is someone who can naturally prioritize "friends" in Pick Three. This type has many sociable people by nature and always tries to value the connection with people. He believes that connections will increase curiosity about new things and stimulate the movement to improve society.

What is important for a friend's passionista is to be able to distinguish between true friends and "people who just want to use you." So what if you're not that good at maintaining a lot of connections? First, get in touch with your friends from time to time, even if you have no business. Try building from a light connection.

Friend's renovator

A "friend renovator" is someone who needs to review their friendships and build new friendships. Many people may have similar experiences, such as going to college or getting a job. Putting yourself in an unknown environment with people of a different kind can help you build new relationships.

It's always difficult to make new friends. When you grow up, it can be embarrassing to ask, "Can I be friends?" However, it is a misunderstanding to think that "everyone should already have friends". Friendship is easy to change depending on the circumstances of life. Be aware that there are surprisingly many people looking for new friends.

If you feel that you have no one to share your successes and failures with, it may be a sign that you will have more time to warm up your friendship.

Pick Three Practice

To be "unbalanced" well

There are only 10 patterns that can be combined with Pick Three. According to Harvard Business Review, people are more likely to feel happy when they focus on less time at the same time than doing things in a short amount of time. That's why Pick Three, which focuses on only three tasks a day, is effective in increasing happiness.

To practice the pick three, start by recording a week's pick three. By recording the progress, the "to-do list" changes to the "to-do list".

Next, let's remember the person who will serve as a model. Find someone who is well unbalanced and think about who the persona is closest to you. Consider how the person thinks and behaves in five categories.

Then diagnose your type. If you feel like choosing something, see why and how you came to prioritize that element.

After continuing the pick three to some extent, I would like to look back on how the initial goals and priorities have changed. Let's live a well "unbalanced" life by referring to the many hints studded in this book.

Recommendation of reading

The book also introduces the lives of many entrepreneurs and challengers who intentionally or naturally embody the spirit of Pick Three. Many of their ideas are novel. You should also get a lot of business tips.

Finally, there are various checklists for practicing Pick Three. By filling them in, you will find out what happiness is for you and see the way to get there.