There are people who can do well and people who can't. The latter, as they grow up, will be keenly aware of the "failure" barrier. I should be doing my best, but I can't accept it. Eventually, I went to give up mode with "Anyway …". Why doesn't it work? It's not because of lack of effort, nor is it really bad. It just has a problem with its approach to "doesn't work."

This book is the author of a popular creative director who suggests how to overcome these obstacles lightly. The basis for this is branding, advertising production, and communication design that the author has cultivated. It's a waste to think that "branding is far from my own". Get to know yourself and change the way you fascinate, convey, and send. Then, the way the other party receives it changes completely, and the result comes naturally.

One of the attractions of this book is that it is an interactive format in which a male car in his 40s, a cat in his 20s, and the author appear. This is a method that readers can sympathize with and understand easily, and is a type of communication design. I am relieved by this dialogue. At the same time, in communication, you will realize how important it is to know how the other person feels. After reading, the secret to "doing well" will come to mind and it will be easier to design your own life.

Main points of this book

Point 1

The reason why work and communication go wrong is that there is a problem with the approach to people and things.

Point 2

Without a concrete and clear image in the brain, we cannot move rationally and we cannot move people. If you devise to increase the resolution of the image, things will go well.

Point 3

The criteria for "suitable or unsuitable" depends on being "praised." If you feel that you are not complimented, try complimenting others. The word returns to me as a boomerang.

It's not your fault that "doesn't work"

The cause lies in the method of approach

I feel that my current workplace and school are not really suitable for me. I can't talk to a different generation, and I feel like I'm floating. Even if you send it on SNS, you will not sympathize with it. In the face of these "unsuccessful" walls, I wonder if the cause is my "due to lack of effort." That's not the case. It just has a problem with the approach to the other person or thing.

Solving the problem through communication is the “good way”. This is also a field of psychology and cognitive science, and is one of the methods called "communication design" that designs the relationships that are created between people.

Effects of communication design

In order to be able to design communication, it is important to observe others, understand themselves, and have an eye to see the world from various angles. Then, what kind of effect can be expected? First of all, the eyes that see people and the eyes that see themselves change. Therefore, the way of seeing the world, the way of thinking, and the manner of communication change. Therefore, you can not only read the air but also create the air. Therefore, you will be able to do well.

The "do well" lessons developed in this book will allow you to expand your thinking and update your communication. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy every day with a more open mind, regardless of gender, age, and values.

Dig into yourself well

Clear images in the brain move people

When you think "I want a good bag," the image of the bag should not be too rough. In order to increase the probability of getting it, it is necessary to add information on "good bags".

Is the price high? Is the function wonderful? Is the design beautiful? What brand is it? Where are you selling? In this way, the image of the bag will be sharpened and the resolution will be increased. Like photos taken with a digital camera, low resolution can blur the image. On the other hand, if the resolution is high, you can clearly see the details and increase the reality. Once you have a clear image of the bag you want, all you have to do is get it.

A person cannot move rationally unless a concrete and clear brain image precedes. I can't move anyone other than my own. Try to increase the resolution and always have a good image in your head that you can imagine. Then things will go in a good direction.

Understand my character

Having various perspectives is an important point for things to "success".

You can think of increasing the number of viewpoints as increasing the number of cameras. The more cameras you have, the more objective your interpretation will be.

It is good to imagine yourself in the mirror as to what the other person should look like. If you can't get a good image, you can ask a friend to take a picture of you with your smartphone so that you don't notice it. Then see how I'm in the video.

The author was surprised at the unique movements and laughter when he first saw his appearance in the video. However, by accepting the sense of incongruity as it is, it becomes possible for the first time to perceive the character as seen from the human eye separately from the subjectivity.

Things are not dominated by emotions once, and it is desirable to think flat. For that purpose, it is important to read the other person's thoughts, habits, and various information with high resolution, and then imagine. Communication should improve surprisingly if you can recognize the relationship with the other person without having stereotypes in this way.

"Orientation / unsuitability" is created by the environment in which it is placed

Thinking that work is "suitable for me" is a successful experience, such as when you try new things and get the results you expected in a short period of time, or when you are evaluated by a pioneer in the field. Isn't it when there was a problem? On the other hand, if you have the experience of failing, not getting the results you want, or being scolded, you will decide for yourself that the job is "not suitable". There are three main criteria for these judgments.

(1) Judgment of people around

(2) Self-judgment by comparing with other people

(3) Comparison with surrounding forecasts

To put it simply, "suitable, not suitable" is the same as "praised, not praised." (1) is praised by others (from people), and (2) and (3) are praised by themselves.

In other words, if there are people around you who can praise you and you can praise yourself, on the other hand, you can continue the challenge if you are in an environment where you can praise other people as well. right.

On the other hand, if you have worked hard for a long time but have never been praised by others, you should consider changing the environment. If that's difficult, try praising others with the words you want me to praise. The word returns as a boomerang. If you want to get something, giving it first greatly increases your chances of success.

Direct yourself and charm it well

There are rules for "why do you think so"

There are many codes in the world. A code is a CODE that represents a convention, rule, or regulation. For example, I think that many men who wear white suits are hyper fashionistas, resort enthusiasts, or antisocial forces. As you can see, it's a code that most people understand, but it's also what we've learned from real-world experience and information such as movies, dramas, magazines, and the internet.

In order to find such a code, "elemental decomposition" is required. This means sorting things and information that are composed in a complex manner into pieces by genre.

For example, let's say you have two types of meat, cheap and expensive, bought at a supermarket. Let's break down these elements with materials. Then, it can be seen that it is composed of beef, a tray (plastic), a wrap (plastic) that wraps the tray, and a sticker (paper) that describes the price. The cheaper meat has a distinct red (lean) and white (fat) layer, while the taller meat is marbling. Cheap meat on trays is all white, but expensive meat is black and gold.

If you compare after disassembling in this way, you can see what kind of effect is added and what attractiveness it has.

If there are people who like or dislike me, let's break down the factors into what I like and what I am not good at. Those who like it may like it more, and those who are not good at it may not be good at it.

"Sizzle feeling" that makes you feel attractive

The production that makes things and people feel more attractive is called "sizzle feeling". For example, the drops of a jug that appear on beer posters. This is due to the need for cold beer to be tastier.

In addition, the word reminiscent of "looks good" also applies to "sizzle". If there are two types of salad on the restaurant menu for the same price, "green salad" and "chef's whimsical salad", which one would you choose? Many choose "chef's whimsical salad". There are two reasons. One is to boost the image that the chef devises a proper menu and spends a lot of time and effort. The other is because "the capricious = contents may have changed tomorrow," so it's a limited boost that you can only eat now.

The sense of sizzle is also important for people. A cool entertainer skillfully uses a cool sizzle effect, and a cute entertainer skillfully uses a cute sizzle effect. In the same way, find a nice boss or friend's sizzle. The trick is to look for a relationship of what is working to help something.

The treasure trove of these sizzle feelings and the utilization of codes is SNS. Many of the “instagram” photos have been devised to make them look fashionable. There are innumerable compositions and production codes that make people, food, buildings, landscapes, etc. shine.

[Must read point!] Design communication and communicate well

4 steps to do the first thing well

When I'm working on something for the first time, I'm often nervous and unsuccessful. However, it is easy to leave the result by taking the following four steps.

The first step is to observe a person. Observe people who are doing well, look for parts that can be imitated, and input. Then, in step 2, the hypothesis that can be considered is made based on the information obtained in the observation in step 1. For example, "Mr. Suzuki is attracting people with that smile?" In Step 3, based on Step 2, think about what you want to do. "Do you want to improve your communication skills like Mr. Suzuki?" Once that is done, as step 4, try to imitate it based on the hypothesis of step 2.

What I can't do is because I don't know how. The important thing is to look closely at the method and imitate it. If you can do that, I'll praise you.

The basis of communication is 5w1h

In the presentations that are difficult to understand, "who will do it" and "what to do specifically" are often missing. A tool that can easily check it is a tool called "5w1h", which is the basis of communication. Specifically, when, where, who, what, why, and how. Tell someone something and the other person's understanding is bad. In such cases, one of these 5w1h is often missing or ambiguous.

If there is a scene where the boss, as a boss, warns, "Please act with common sense," please add "when, where, who, what, why, how" It would be nice if you could convey it in a gentle and polite manner. By doing so, the other person should understand the true intention and act.

Recommendation of reading

In this summary, we have focused on how to attract yourself, who is the main body of communication, and how to make good use of the rules (codes) hidden in the world to improve the relationship between you and your surroundings. This book also provides easy-to-understand explanations on themes such as how to disseminate information in order to gain a lot of empathy in this era. As you read the humorous dialogue between the characters and the author, the idea of ​​communication design will fall into your mind.

By knowing the slightest difference in communication and fascination, you should be confident that you can join the ranks of "doing well" people.