ポケット版 「のび太」という生きかた


When asked "What is Nobita's image?", How would you respond? "I just rely on Doraemon," "I'm always being bullied by Gian," "Crybaby," "Guuta," "I'm not good at exercising," and "The test is always 0 points." In any case, it's certainly not a very positive image.

However, in the future, such "Nobita Nobi" will get married by shooting the heart of the eternal Madonna Shizuka-chan (Shizuka-chan in the manga). Where on earth did the big turnaround of life happen?

This book is a book that highlights the way of life of "Nobita" and derives life lessons. This is a re-edited version of "Nobita's Way of Life" with new stories added and improved. The author is an emeritus professor of Yasuyuki Yokoyama of the University of Toyama, who advocates "Doraemon studies" and studies and analyzes the manga "Doraemon" from all angles. After more than 15 years of studying Doraemon, he came to a conclusion. That is, "Nobita is the winner of life." At first glance, Nobita seems to be making a detour because of all the mistakes, but he says, "I think he's actually living his life better than he imagined."

How did Nobita, who continued to be called a crybaby, succeed? This book is studded with hints for success, along with numerous episodes that appear in Doraemon. Why not take a peek into the magical world of the Nobita Method, where your dreams come true no matter how bad you are.

The main points of this book

Point 1

The secret tool is a tool that brings out Nobita's strengths and kindness, and by itself does not make your dreams come true. Ultimately, it is Nobita's actions and efforts that make her dream come true.

Point 2

Nobita's "kindness" is one of the success factors. Nobita has always been greeted as an important member of the group, and his kindness caught Shizuka's heart.

Point 3

Insane dreams and dreams of bare desires will not come true. Dreams come true by working hard on your own.

Learn from "Doraemon"

Secret tools bring out Nobita's strengths

In the story of "Doraemon", "secret tools" almost always appear. And the secret tool always contains some kind of message.

For example, what about the "always hit palmistry set"? At first, the palmistry hits perfectly, but eventually it just loses. Nobita declared, "I have no time to worry about my palms. I'll do my best," and Doraemon encouraged me with "Great! Nobita-kun."

Secret tools work well at first, solve all problems, and make Nobita hopeful. But in the end, it doesn't solve the underlying problem. The basic stance of secret tools in Doraemon is "it is best to solve problems on your own without relying on secret tools".

Readers tend to notice Nobita relying on Doraemon and secret tools. However, in every work, Nobita always tackles the problem by trial and error. For Nobita, a secret tool is just like an opportunity to bring out "your strengths and kindness" and push your back.

Doraemon is the epitome of modern society

All 45 volumes of the manga "Doraemon (Ladyworm Comics)" series consist of 823 works. The published works are selected by the teacher himself from the 1346 works created by the author, Fujiko F. Fujio. Nobita's main troubles appearing in these works are 582 works. If you try to categorize the trouble, it can be divided into the following seven. Friendship (237 works), Nobita himself (110 works), home (76 works), school (56 works), romance (44 works), play / exercise (34 works), money (25 works).

Among them, friend-related troubles are by far the top, accounting for about 40%. The focus is on the violence of Gian and the loss of friends by Suneo. There are 69 scenes in which Nobita, who is in trouble, screams "Doraemon" and asks for help from Doraemon and secret tools.

The work of "Doraemon" covers various problems facing modern society, such as bullying such as power harassment, school refusal, suicide application, and environmental problems. This book mainly introduces the "Nobita Method" for living well, which can be derived from Nobita's actions and thoughts.

Overcome weaknesses with successful experiences

Nobita has a habit of procrastinating what he is not good at. But in the end, they take action to solve the problem at hand and overcome it. What is the driving force that drives Nobita into action? The author considers it a "successful experience". Nobita has many experiences of overcoming problems that he is not good at using secret tools, and each time he experiences a sense of exhilaration and accomplishment.

For example, for Nobita, who is not good at running, Doraemon offers a secret tool, the "Future Room Marathon." When you run on this tool, the scenery changes as you actually run, and you can even slip through walls. Nobita came to want to run from Tokyo to Kyushu. So I increased the speed 100 times, and Nobita was able to run as fast as a jet plane and arrive in Kyushu. Nobita thanked Doraemon, saying, "It's a painful but pleasant feeling. I'm confident in running." (From "Doraemon (18)", "Nobita ran to Kyushu !!")

If you are not good at sports or work, you will not have enough energy to overcome it. However, there are moments when things can easily be overcome by a successful experience of things going smoothly and winning unexpectedly. Just as Nobita experienced "comfortable tiredness" and was "confident", he could overcome his weakness by experiencing a sense of accomplishment and exhilaration.

Nobita's way of life

Act as soon as you think of it

Everybody can backfire on what they think is good. In such a case, I think, "I shouldn't have done this from the beginning." However, in "Doraemon", there are many works that contain the message that even if you regret it, it is better to do it than not to do it.

One day, Nobita is deeply moved by reading Sherlock Holmes' work. So Doraemon asks Doraemon to put out the secret tool "Holmes Set" to become a famous detective. Nobita uses the "Homes Set" to help Shizuka-chan (who is Shizuka-chan in the manga) who is in trouble because she has lost something important. As a result of the deduction, the criminal was pointed out to be Nobita. There was nothing good after this, and Nobita said, "The detective pretend is already a mess." (From "Doraemon (3)", "Sherlock Holmes Set")

In fact, the secret to success is hidden in this slapstick comedy that ended in a blunder. Nobita realized that he was unsuitable for a detective because he tried to become a detective using secret tools. If I hadn't taken any action, I wouldn't even know it. A sense of speed to act immediately without thinking about it is also an essential condition for fulfilling dreams.

Turn envy into a plus

I often find someone "envious". The scenes that Nobita feels "envious" of Suneo's belongings appear more than 20 times in short stories alone. In most cases, Doraemon cries after all, but there are hints to make his dreams come true.

At one point, Nobita had been making steadily model railroads since the New Year, but Suneo had a model that was ten times as large. Nobita, who was frustrated, asked Doraemon to put out the secret tools "Pop Basement" and "Fuel Mirror". And he is enthusiastic about making a good model railroad. The model that was finally completed was a magnificent finish that even Suneo was astonished. Nobita and Shizuka, who were transformed into small ones with "Small Light", were delighted to get on the railroad. (From "Doraemon (39)", "Nobita's Model Train")

Like this work, Nobita is trying hard to get more than what he envy. You can do it yourself with the help of secret tools. Believing that, you can have a heart that won't let you down.

"Kindness" to create a happy future

Nobita of the future shoots Shizuka's heart and leads to marriage. What moved her was the kindness of Nobita above all. Nobita is kind not only to his close friends, but also to his sometimes hostile opponents.

One day, Nobisuke's dad catches a cold. Nobita asks Doraemon to put out a secret tool, "a machine that transfers colds," and takes on his dad's cold. Then Dad got well, but Nobita suffered a terrible cold. There, Nobita tries to pass on to his hated Suneo, but when he sees Suneo's dad worried, he reflects on him and takes on the cold again. Then I met Gian, who rarely cares about Nobita. In the end, he passed by without catching a cold. (From "Doraemon (2)", "This Cold")

Nobita does not really hate or deny the existence of any person. Sometimes I think I'll leave my friends out, but I can't do it. Nobita has an innate kindness.

Nobita is often bullied by Gian and Suneo, but he is always invited to play baseball or something. By treating people with kindness, we can obtain cooperators and understanding people. And it can be said that Nobita's way of life embodies that it will lead to the realization of a happy future.

[Must read point!] Make your dreams come true

The dream of bare desire does not come true

There are dreams that do not come true even if you act. Nobita can fail even with the help of secret tools. The laws of "dreams that come true" and "dreams that do not come true" are hidden there.

At one point, a treasure was excavated from the mountain behind the school. Nobita laments that his treasure is gone and is disappointed. So Doraemon put out a secret tool, "Treasure Star Exploration Rocket," and launched it. The two will go to the dwarf's star and find the treasure. However, when I dug it up, the treasure was a small thing like dust. I found a big gold disk on a different star, but it was just a coin. The two vowed not to search for treasure again. (From "Doraemon (44)", "Treasure Star")

Nobita's dreams are driven by insane greed, and there are more than 30 works related to treasure hunting. Some of Nobita's lifelong dreams are unrealistic, such as discovering a treasure island and excavating buried treasure. I try to realize it using secret tools, but in the end it ends with the result "I should have done this".

Fujiko-sensei may have tried to teach children the difference between dreams that come true and dreams that don't come true. And I think he wanted to convey the importance of making steady efforts on his own.

Dreams come true without secret tools

Nobita continues to take on the challenge of dreaming, with the regrettable feeling of "Bokudake" as a spring. It usually ends in failure, but it never loses the energy to dream.

At one point, at the suggestion of Gian, a "Takeuma riding contest" was to be held. Nobita, who couldn't ride a bamboo horse, cried at Doraemon and had him bring a mixed race of horse and bamboo, "Umatake", from the 22nd century. Nobita practices with Umatake and gradually gets used to it.

However, Umatake escaped somewhere and never returned. Doraemon advised Nobita, who was depressed. "I'm happy with this. After all, I should ride a real Takeuma." That night, Nobita, who was given a special training, was full of wounds and practiced, and was able to ride a wonderful Takeuma. (From "Doraemon (1)", "Run! Umatake")

Nobita's dream seems to be temporarily realized by secret tools. However, in the end, there are many works that show that the efforts and practices of the person himself are indispensable.

Under such circumstances, this work is a memorable work in the history of Doraemon short manga, in which Nobita realized his dream by himself without relying on secret tools. It is important for you to make your dreams come true by making bold efforts toward small goals.

Recommendation of reading

In the final chapter, the number of appearance frames and the number of balloons of the main characters of "Doraemon" are posted. According to it, Nobita ranked first in the number of frames appearing in both short and long films, with about 71% in short films. Nobita, the number of balloons, is number one. It can be said that everyone thinks that the protagonist of "Doraemon" is Nobita, not Doraemon. Nobita looks good, just relying on Doraemon. However, in reality, Nobita may have received the most love from Professor Fujiko. From Nobita's attitude and actions depicted in this book, I would like you to learn tips for living your own life and realizing your dreams.