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When you write a certain amount of sentences such as a blog, do you feel that you are crazy? I confess first, but the abstracter often has a hard time thinking of writing out, and often stares at a blank computer screen. "I can't write well" "It takes time to write" It was this book that blew away the troubles of such sentences like a refreshing spring breeze.

The author is Takumi Nakano, the creator of "Empathy Writing". Many people may have known the "empathy chart" in Mr. Nakano's book "6 Minute Writing: A Textbook That Communicates Thoughts". Mr. Nakano's invention, "empathy-creating device," is also introduced in this book. But that's not the only highlight. Suitable sentence types, templates, and examples are generously published on SNS, blogs, e-mail newsletters, and landing pages.

Isn't it cheating to say, "I can write it quickly and sell it immediately"? If you're a cautious person, you'll naturally have this question. Certainly, sentence expression does not improve overnight. But what about the "structure" of the text? That is the "type", and it is not so difficult to master a fixed "type". That's why anyone can write sentences that resonate with the reader.

A mysterious "super-fast" writing technique that allows you to work on it like a game, but for some reason you can finish it in a neat sentence in a short time. Now, don't you want to manipulate the words freely?

The main points of this book

  • Key point 1 Anyone can definitely improve their writing skills as long as they get the hang of it, but at the same time, they are required to write quickly.
  • Point 2 There are five sentence patterns for writing SNS posts, such as "character development type" and "empathy story type". Just by rearranging the answers to the 5 questions, you can create 5 patterns of sentences.
  • Point 3 In order to update a sentence quickly, it is effective to set the subject to "you", not to abuse "?", And to put one sentence within 50 characters.
  • Point 4 Sentences that sympathize move people. The "Empathy Chart" is useful for writing sentences that are close to the reader's feelings.

wrap up

Writing skills become a weapon

I can no longer escape from writing sentences

How important is writing skills to you? A long time ago, if you were not good at writing sentences, you could have avoided it. However, this is not the case in the present age when SNS and the Internet are integrated into our daily lives and anyone can send information. Writing skills have become an important and essential skill for everyone.

If you acquire writing skills, you will be able to move people with writing. The value of products and services can be accurately communicated to the other party, leading to improved results and sales. Furthermore, communication costs caused by poor communication can be reduced, and the stress of writing and communicating is eliminated.

Writing skills can be a useful weapon in many situations, expanding your future options.

The heart of writing skills is "writing well" and "writing fast"

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Even if you know the importance of writing, you may find it frustrating that you can't write as you wish. But don't worry. This is because anyone can definitely improve their writing if they get the hang of it.

However, no matter how well you can write sentences, that alone is not enough for the writing skills required by the times. All you need is to be able to write good sentences "fast". Without speed, it's not a writing skill that adds value to you.

All the know-how published in this book has been devised from the perspective of speeding up. The contents are skills that are useful on SNS, skills that are useful on blogs and e-mail newsletters, and skills that are useful on landing pages. In either case, "writing well" and "writing fast" can be compatible.

How to update sentences that you can practice from now on

3 tips for writing easy-to-read sentences

Here are five tips to help you update your text quickly. In the summary, let me introduce three of them.

First, make the subject "you". Sentences from your own perspective cannot be read unless the writer is a celebrity or an idol. The important thing is that the text is from the "reader's point of view".

Second, don't abuse the "?". You can write it easily by using "?", But abuse is prohibited. This is because it makes the reader feel uncomfortable as if they were being cross-examined.

Finally, put one sentence within 50 characters. If one sentence is long, it will tire the reader. Let's summarize it compactly based on "1 sentence = 1 message (1 sentence 1 meaning)".

Two psychological effects that work on sentences

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It is also recommended to brush up the sentences by using the psychological effect. Five psychological effects are introduced in this book, and two of them are introduced in the summary.

The first is the "primacy effect", which has a large impact on the first impression. If the title (subject) of a blog or e-mail newsletter can attract the reader's interest, it will be easier for them to read to the end.

Next is the "recency effect (latest effect / familiar effect)". This means that people are susceptible to the latest information (the last information mentioned).

The recency effect is more effective when combined with the primacy effect. If you briefly state the conclusion at the beginning and bring a word that leads to the behavior of the reader at the end of the blog, it will be a sentence that can be communicated significantly.

[Must read point!] How to write SNS posts that can be read

You can make an SNS post with 5 questions

There are several sentence types for posting on SNS. This book will show you how to answer 5 questions and combine them to create 5 patterns of sentences. First, I will introduce five questions with examples of answers by the author.

(1) What do you want to convey?

→ Example answer: Matrix is ​​an entertainment that becomes a teaching material for writing

(2) What made you decide?

→ Answer example: I found the movie I wanted to watch with Amazon Prime and watched it without thinking I had no time

(3) What did you notice?

→ Answer example: There is a common rule in the story composition (story) of Hollywood hit movies, and it can be used as it is in sentences

(4) What if you put your emotions into words?

→ Example answer: Matrix, Majisuge! Full of text tips! 

(5) What is the last word?

→ Example answer: Asking yourself "Where is it useful for work?" Will help you learn to play.

"Character development type" and "empathy story type"

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Of the five patterns introduced in this book, here we will introduce two, the "character development type" and the "empathy story type."

"Character development type" is a pattern that conveys from a straightforward word. Continuing, notice → develop the story with the opportunity, and bring the conclusion at the end, it will be a sentence that makes use of your character and individuality. The following sentence was created in this way.

"When you ask yourself,'Where is it useful for your work?', You can learn to play.

In that question, yesterday I realized that the story composition of Hollywood hit movies has a common rule and can be used as is in sentences.

I found Matrix on Amazon Prime and watched it without thinking about it, so I came to the conclusion that "The Matrix is ​​an entertainment that can be used as a teaching material for writing." For more information, please click here (blog)! "

The "empathy story type" is a pattern that conveys the opportunity to empathize. If you connect the story to Awareness → Conclusion → Emotion and bring the punch line at the end, it will be comfortable to read and the sentence will be finished with likes and comments. The following sentence was created in this way.

"Don't you find the movie you want to watch on Amazon Prime and watch it when you don't have time? (I often ...)

Today, when I watched The Matrix for the fourth time, I realized that the story composition (story) of Hollywood hit movies has a common rule and can be used as it is in sentences.

In a nutshell, The Matrix is ​​an entertainment that can be used as a teaching material for writing! "The Matrix, Majisuge! Full of writing tips!"

If you ask yourself, "Where is it useful for work?", Play is also a learning experience. "

In this way, even if you use the same material, you can finish it in a completely different sentence just by rearranging it.

How to write sentences that sympathize with

Sentences that sympathize move people

The ability to organize information and deliver it to the other party is important. However, that alone should not be satisfactory. Beyond that, if you can write sentences that are sympathetic and reach the other person deeper, you can move people.

The author proposes an "empathy chart" as a tool for writing "empathetic sentences". If you use the empathy chart, you will be able to write sentences that are sympathetic and lead to results in 3 steps of "filling", "pasting", and "connecting".

In fact, when a recruiter at a temporary staffing agency, who had a target achievement rate of 20%, rewrote the job vacancies using the empathy chart, there was a case in which he achieved the highest grade in Japan in 6 months. She realizes that drawing charts is faster and better results than she thinks, and she says she is also using empathy charts for new sales and after-sales follow-up.

3 steps of empathy chart

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Now let's explain what an empathy chart looks like.

In step 1, "fill in", write the purpose and aim of writing the sentence, positive lines and negative lines that the person who read the sentence is likely to say, and paste it on the chart.

In step 2, "Paste", consider the sentence structure. Create a chart showing "changes in time" on the horizontal axis and "changes in the reader's emotions (excitement / calmness)" on the vertical axis, and draw a curve with mountains and valleys from the upper right to the lower left of the chart, then step 1 I will paste the sticky note written in. By arranging sticky notes on the curve according to the ups and downs of the reader's emotions, it becomes a starting point for sentences that are sympathetic to them.

Finally, in step 3 "Connect", connect the memos written on the sticky notes to make a sentence and arrange the expression. You don't have to use all the sticky notes, you can add them in order or change the order. If you work on it like a puzzle, you will naturally have a sentence that moves the other person's heart.

How to write a landing page that sells

Five elements that make up a landing page

Now let's look at the ultimate template that will allow you to write a selling landing page.

In fact, the landing page structure is pretty simple. It consists of only five blocks: "headline", "deep empathy", "solution", "evidence", and "call to action".

Customers who visit the landing page are drawn to the [Block 1: Headline] and can't help but look ahead. Then, in [Block 2: Deep Empathy], you will know how wonderful your product / service is, and deeply sympathize with the fascinating changes that occur when you purchase the product / service.

However, at this point, you may not yet fully trust the goods and services. So, in [Block 3: Solution], find out why you need to buy a product or service from you now, and be convinced. Then, in [Block 4: Evidence], objective evidence that proves that your product / service is genuine is presented and trusted.

At this point, some customers will have a mixture of desires and anxieties. Finally, if you push your back with [Block 5: Call to action], there is no reason not to buy it, and you can buy it with confidence.

By creating a landing page, you can discover the strengths of your products and services. This is because "strengths of products / services" and "strengths of the company (you)" emerge by considering what kind of benefits (profit) your products / services give to customers. A deep understanding of "customers," "strengths of products and services," and "strengths of the company (you)" will make your business more sophisticated and lead to overwhelming differentiation.

Recommendation of reading

As the author said that it was created with the aim of creating a "new employee training textbook," this book explains the sentence patterns according to the purpose in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, and is ready to use. It is full of examples, and it can be said that it is a textbook of literary arts. If you keep one book at hand and master the mold, you should be able to "write well and quickly". The value of this book is immeasurable if you can write sentences that are directly related to blog revenue and sales well and quickly.

You don't have to think deeply. First of all, practice and practice. Eventually, once you acquire the pattern, the power of the sentences you write will open up the future.