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On April 9, 2018, the dismissal of Mr. Vid Halilhodzic was officially announced. Despite the timing of only two months left until the Russian World Cup.

Certainly, there were various praises and praises for Mr. Halil Hodgich. Some criticize it as "inconsistent," while others say it is "flexible in tactics." Or the pros and cons of the decrease in the number of veteran players due to the active recruitment of young players. Halilhodzic has a reputation for producing results on the big stage, but no one really knows if he was able to achieve results at the Russian World Cup. He was dismissed before he exhausted his wisdom. Only the result of participating in the World Cup main race is left.

The biggest problem of Japanese soccer can be seen here. Originally, it should be analyzed and summarized based on the results of the main battle, and after inheriting that "heritage", it should be connected to the next. But that opportunity was lost forever. The author says, "The foolishness of throwing away the experience that often contains valuable lessons, such as" next, next! " For example, it is necessary to correctly understand what Mr. Halil Hodzic was trying to solve as an issue.

As a soccer fan, I would like to pay tribute to the author who has compiled the unfinished Halilhodzic plan in such detail and in an easy-to-understand manner.